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User:Courtney13 (user# 12852)
Name:Courtney Rae
Location: Cedar, Michigan, United States
Bio:I like music, food and my friends. Music: Disturbed,ICP, S.O.A.D, Metallica. Food:Everything and Anything.. Friends:Jenny Penny, Brad, Jon, Larry, Seth, Sam, Aylica, Chad, Ashley, Robin, Kate, Neilee, Stephaine, Mike, Mike, Tyler, Jamie, My beebee, Kelly, Jay, Justin, Stacy, Justin, Beaver, LunchBox, David, Amanda, Amanda,Shanonn, Jamie f. , Angie, The guy waterworld, and i think some more.. sorry if i forgot bout you!
Friends:(5) george, Kate, nightshade666, skife, Squish322
Friend Of:(3) Kate, kentnj2, Squish322
Interests:(2) Alcohol, and Food...Sitting around.. Gettin fatter. Hangin out with all my friends.
Created:2003-09-17 13:56:54
Last Update:02 22 2004
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