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User:skife (user# 155)
Name:Justin BeVier
Location: Cedar Springs, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:iamtheskife [add buddy]
Bio:Age: 20 Height 5'8" Weight: 165 just keepin it real.
Friends:(63) 70billion, acidtears, allyson, andy, Angel_Bob, animehoshi, b-wizzel, beckaboo, BigBen61, bigty623, bigwilly, box, brad, breezeyluvsu, Brianna, chelsea_louise, chelthesmell, cjessicapyne, da-units, darthavok, duckie, Eddy, everyfallingday, EyesOfCrystal, feastingonapete, fraggle, jayzulla, jim9nin, jordanmackenzie7, joslyn_julia, justyn, kelso263, KryieKougar, liz, moomoo, mothman, nightshade666, outsyder18, PHIL-HIMSELF, pjlmaster, pop-tart, rayray, redhawk, runningfreak, samesongdifferentchorus, shea, shears0351, shinigami, skife, skippi16, snowman, spud, squish322, Star_Gazer05, Stinko, sugarmouse0587, tabletop, tails, THE+ONE+I+LOVE, tonyp., Tuwang, valoth, windedhero
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