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User:eyesofcrystal (user# 23003)
Name:Erica Rae
Location: Cedar Springs
Friends:(17) allyson, bleedingsun, breezeyluvsu, chelthesmell, CONFUSED+ABUSED, eddy, jordanmackenzie7, kellilynn21, lilsteve, lil_bill06, nightshade666, skife, snowman, starlesseyesremain, THE+ONE+I+LOVE, tonyp., _iggy_
Friend Of:(19) allyson, bassman, bigty623, breezeyluvsu, CONFUSED+ABUSED, defiant, Eddy, jennapie, kellilynn21, lilsteve, nightshade666, rayray, skife, snowman, starlesseyesremain, sugarmouse0587, THE+ONE+I+LOVE, TonyP., _iggy_
Interests:(7) and I love my cat Missy, and my two geckos Cleo and Anubis. I love the WWE, music, school, There are a lot of things that I like. I love my best friends Bri and Tony, video games.....and Im not sure what else as of right now., writing
Created:2004-02-01 21:44:14
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