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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 11-2-2003 at 9:27pm
Current mood: hyper
Subject: Wooo!!!!
LadiePerfection: I HATE U!
LadiePerfection: freakin dork
LadiePerfection: lmao

aaahhhh T.P....haha monday monday monday!

Iversonsbaby87: we won we won not fifth not fourth not third not even second but FIRST FIRST FIRST

LadiePerfection: u need to make the whole BAND STATE CHAMPS thing in ur info a lot bigger
(we beat 26 otha bands and came out in 1st... DONT TELL ME PRAYER DONT WORK!)


Yeaahhh! Woot Woot! Tomorrow we have school... then no school [!], then school, then no school [marching band tho] and no school again! [marchind band for four hours instead of 8] Can't wait to see Mr. Murphy [da teacha] tomorrow.. Pat <33ed da message in ur pro "screw all u who said our marching band sucked"... i am so happy! everything's going rite with me.... woo!!! hope tomorrow is just as good..dag it's 9:3o.. i've been up for 13 hours and I'm watching Full House when Michelle was a todler. (oooh carmelo commercial!!! omg carmelo vs lebron..can't wait!!! i <333 u Melo!!!!!!!!!) .. I'm way too I'm out.

You got served


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