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plainmornings (profile) wrote,
on 11-5-2003 at 7:01pm
** basics **
Nickname::um... Vi-ster, Giraffe!, Kitty(not to be confused with MY kitty haha), sweet girl
Location::mouth of the friggin MOUSE, Florida
Gender::sweet sweet lady :0P
Birthplace::Concord, Massachusetts
Birthstone::ummm i think turquoise
Sign::ummm Sagitarrius & OX on the chinese zodiac
Righty or Lefty::righty
** your looks **
Height::4'11 & a half :0P
Weight::um too much.
Shoe size::7-8 depends
Hair Color::black although i've been told many times its not really black but dark brown.. sorry.
Hair Length::its all crazy, getting long
Eye Color::dark brown
Size::size of what?
Glasses::only the emo kind :0P
Braces::no sir
Piercings::ummmm belly button and ears i guess
Tattoos::i'm pending
** fashion **
Where do you shop::whereever i have free money :0)
What do you usually wear::t-shirt and jeans
What kind of shoes do you wear::i have over 50 pairs of shoes... i <3 my tie dye chucks though
Do you wear a watch::used to. (Official time keeper :0p)
Color you never wear::i'll wear anything really... i'm not too fond of like senior citizen grey though
Color you wear at least once a week::probably green or pink or blue or everycolor
Something you wear everyday::my necklace
Do you wear make up everyday::generally
Make up essential::depends when and how early i wake up :0P
Most cherished piece of clothing::my turtlesaur shirt. <3 twins <3
You wouldn't be caught dead wearing::biker shorts.
Do you wear belts::no
Do you wear hats::no
How many pairs of shoes do you have::a bazillion ... over 50
** music **
Favorite kind of music::i like everything i guess more emo/indie stuff
Least Favorite::i really can't take "gangsta rap"
How many CD's do you have::not too many that i've bought, many that i've made
Last CD you bought::oh dear... i'm trying to remember but its not coming to me... maybe Hail to the Thief?
Whats in your CD player right now::ummmm the Postal Service
Do you download music::i used to until Kazaa went crazy
** Favorites **
Color::all of them... purple, turtlesaur green, orange, pink, red etc.
Season::winter or spring
Ice cream::oh dear. i can feel the fat already... mint chocolate chip i suppose
Website::yo no se
Quote::"Go directly in the direction of your dreams, live the life you've always imagined" - Thoreau
Store::i probably spend most of my $$ at Express
Band::Beck :0P ... any many many others
Singer::Jolie from the Rocking Horse Winner
Group::um... Simon and Garfunkel :0P
Song::Smashing Pumpkin's version of Landslide
Movie::not fair. Being John Malkovich, Secretary, Amelie, American Beauty, Donnie Darko, Empire Records, Vanillla Sky, Sliding Doors, and a bazillion more
Actor::Johnny Depp
Actress::Liv Tyler
Kind of movies::movies that you come out of thinking "WTF just happened!"
Place to be::laying in bed with Greggy poo
Time of day::9pm :0P
Clothing Brand::whats with all the clothes!
Animal::kitty <3 puppy & baby kitty & elvis & Miss.Kitty aka Princy & gatito
Food::i really like food like a fatty.
Holiday::no preference i don't think
Shape::star, heart, circle
Restaraunt::i have lots of these too... the french place on Federal & Yamato, Melting Pot, La Casita etc.
Fast food place::Taco Bell, Checkers, KFC
Boy's name::Shane, Keith, Luke
Girl's name::Elsa, Rainer like Rainer Maria lol i duno, others
Month::December, June
Candy::twizzlers, gummi bears
** love and relationships **
Sexual Preference::i admit it. i like the cock :0P
Boyfriend or Girlfriend::boyfriend.
Crush::like i'll crush you up
Do you believe in love at first sight::i don't know
What do you look for in a guy/girl::the whole package, looks, personality, smile, compassion, chemistry
Best physical feature::HAIR! heh , eyes, lips, smile
Best hair color::i like darker colors i suppose
Best eye color::anything thats not shit brown like mine :0P
** randoms **
Do you paint your nails::ummm toenails
What color is your tooth brush::silver i think
What's on your desktop::nothing special, haven't set preferences on new computer yet :0)
Do you like roller coasters::absofreakinglutely love them!
Do you do drugs::ummm i'm taking a prescription for a sinus infection?
Are you a virgin::a girl unblossomed me didn't she? oh wait.. that was Jessica :0P haha
Do you have any pets::my love, Miss Princy Kitty Elvis & Baby Kitty ;0P
What time do you go to sleep::probably earlier then you.

Basic Survey [ 87 questions] brought to you by BZOINK!
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11-05-03 7:47pm

** basics **
Name:: Dave
Nickname:: Canadia
Location:: Boca
Gender:: The one without boobs
Birthplace:: Silversprings, MD
Birthstone:: Pearl...very very gay
Birthday:: 6.18.86
Sign:: Gemini
Righty or Lefty:: Righty
Screenname:: radiohead5k and some others
** your looks **
Height:: 5'9" last I checked
Weight:: 139
Shoe size:: 10.5
Hair Color:: Ralph Nader's shoe brown
Hair Length:: long
Eye Color:: Grey/blue
Size:: Like a fucking horse
Glasses:: Contacts hurt my eyes
Braces:: Had em, never wore the retainer
Piercings:: nada
Tattoos:: Tatoos are for hippies and bikers
** fashion **
Where do you shop:: Structure
What do you usually wear:: Something sexy
What kind of shoes do you wear:: Doc Martins
Do you wear a watch:: Nope
Color you never wear:: Nobody should wear yellow, ever.
Color you wear at least once a week:: Robin's Egg Red
Something you wear everyday:: A condom on every finger while I do my hair
Do you wear make up everyday:: I'm not a corpse
Make up essential:: Lead based blush
Most cherished piece of clothing:: My 90's jeans
You wouldn't be caught dead wearing:: Fur, since it's murder appearantly. Leather on the other hand is comfy.
Do you wear belts:: yes'm
Do you wear hats:: Tuques
How many pairs of shoes do you have:: 4
** music **
Favorite kind of music:: Brit Pop
Least Favorite:: Contemporary Country is awful
How many CD's do you have:: 230 last time I counted
Last CD you bought:: Thursday-War All the Time (crap)
Whats in your CD player right now:: Best of David Bowie
Do you download music:: Never
** Favorites **
Color:: I hate white people
Number:: 303
Season:: winter
Ice cream:: Phish Food
Quote:: Anything by Oscar Wilde (sarcasm)
Store:: i probably spend most of my $$ at Express
Band:: Radiohead
Singer:: Thom York
Rapper:: Talib Kweli
Group:: Jurassic 5
Song:: Who knows?
Movie:: The Usual Suspects
Actor:: Kevin Spacey
Actress:: A woman's place is in the kitchen, not the theater
Kind of movies:: Mind fucks and B-Movies
Place to be:: Somewhere cold and cuddly
Time of day:: 12:51 is the time to have fun...
Clothing Brand:: ...
Animal:: Fish are the best
Food:: The ladies
Holiday:: Ramadan, since I can still eat and stuff
Shape:: Spiral
Restaraunt:: Stir Crazy makes me smile
Fast food place:: *vomits*
Boy's name:: Alexei
Girl's name:: Alexis
Word:: The Masses
Month:: December and June
Candy:: Swedish fish
** love and relationships **
Sexual Preference:: Girls
Boyfriend or Girlfriend:: G/F
Crush:: Too many to remember
Do you believe in love at first sight:: Love is silly
What do you look for in a guy/girl:: Hugs
Best physical feature:: Eyes
Best hair color:: Red
Best eye color:: Green or Blue
** randoms **
Do you paint your nails:: no
What color is your tooth brush:: I have no idea
What's on your desktop:: An old Red Meat comic strip
Do you like roller coasters:: mmmyes
Do you do drugs:: Not often enough to warrant a yes
Are you a virgin:: Could care less
Do you have any pets:: Yea
What time do you go to sleep:: 12:51

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11-05-03 9:12pm

Hello? Still a virgin.

Shit. Like that's any better.

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11-05-03 10:06pm

Rainer Maria Rilke was a guy.

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how do i get the girl?, 12-08-03 6:26am

i am just like you! i live in oz. r u a taking back sunday fan? how can i get the girl i wont?

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Re: how do i get the girl?, 12-08-03 4:53pm

hellllo. i do indeed immensely enjoy the musical creations by the ever so great TBS :0P

wheres oz?? i'm not too good with abbreviations and such.

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