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hitokirivader (profile) wrote,
on 11-5-2003 at 7:38pm
Current mood: restless
Music: Goldfinger - Counting the Days
Subject: Everything that has a beginning... has an end.
You know what that means... Movie review time! w00t!!!

Ok... Revolutions saw did I. Maybe you did, maybe you didn't, so I'm gonna give you the long and the short of it. The short:
Overall, I feel it had a serious lack of definition, though it did have its moments.

The long:
Revolutions served its main purpose; it concluded the story left behind by Reloaded, tieing up the story of the trilogy. But there were countless loose ends created or left untied. You see, this movie focused on accomplishing two things: the final battle in the real world between man and machine and the fate of humanity trapped in the Matrix. But so much is focused on telling the intricate yet shallow tale of the final battle that the latter is almost entirely left to the imagination. Maybe that side of the story is better left offscreen (it's hard to imagine it otherwise), but in the meantime so many other plot points are thrust in your face without clarification or time to even digest them. And what of the introduced concept of deleted programs fighting to survive from Reloaded? I expected more but it wasn't expanded upon at all, and neither was Penelope and the Merovingian. God forbid the concept wasn't just a way to make new villians... right? The Matrix sequels were a story by themselves apart from the straight and simple original; I ask, were they ever truly necessary?
But aside from the constant state of confusion, Revolutions does deliver, and if it spent too much time on the war in Zion, the time was damn well spent. I mean seriously... that was frigg'n tite-ass. The special f/x were seamless... utterly phenomenal. Almost made up for the lackluster dialogue.
Bottom line: a disappointment, but in a way, well worth it. I'd see it again just for the mech battle. :)
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11-05-03 11:13pm

but, it ruled......and i do believe the questions were more answered than that.....peace was neat.

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11-06-03 1:32am

I'd read your entry but then it might uin for me. Hope you had fun though =P

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Re:, 11-06-03 1:59am

You're Rem... aren't ya. Yeah, you're Rem, hands down. Don't deny it. ;)

I wrote the review without giving away any plot details, but whatever suits you. That's why I wrote the long and short of it. But definitely go check it out for yourself.

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11-06-03 2:46am

u think i'm 'rem'? Nope! But i will check it out for myself

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Dude, 11-06-03 3:16am

Whatever happened to just enjoying a movie, or just enjoying anything for that matter? IMO, a movie can be one of three things: crap, ok, or awesome. If the movie is awesome, why must we point out it's imperfections? I loved it, I've seen it twice already, once on imax and once regular, and plan to see it a few more times. I loved it and it had a good ending.

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