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adiosesposito (profile) wrote,
on 11-6-2003 at 8:40pm
Music: el-p

For all of you who live and die by my words, here's a little update on my life. School is going pretty well, dislike a few classes, but my grades are above average. Mr. Hall is killing my love of history, but that's what teachers are supposed to do last time I checked.

I went to Boston last week. Quite the excellent time, I must say. Checked out Boston University and was impressed by it. Too bad it's 40K a year. If I get in to their film program, I hope my parents would be willing to remortgage our house, again. I visited family friends I've known all my life up there in Boston and Newton, which brought on some nostalgia.

I've been trying to be a really good friend to more people, and I don't know if I'm succeeding. It's good that I'm friends with some kids I was a douchebag to earlier this school year. Of course, I can never have total tranquility with all my friends, as I have lost contact with two good friends. I don't know if it's worth it to try and patch things up, again, but it's pissing me off, especially since I'm really not sure what I did to them, especially one of said company. It's just...this may be the last year I hang out with a lot of my best friends. As they leave for college and I go to college in a year, there's a great chance that I may never talk to them again. I've seen the relationships that my brother has with his best friends from high school; it's quite strained. So I've decided that it would be pointless to waste the last year of my friendships with many people fighting with them. OMG, I'm rambling on. lolz.

Abby's mom thinks I'm a cutie. Chalk one up for the home team babe.

Some things I miss:

*Hanging out at Noah's most nights this summer.
*Wacthing wrestling with Justin, David, and Kevin.
* Curtis Mayfield.
*Staying up till 4 am listening to music and not having to worry about school the next day.
* Paris and Boston.
* Sushi Jazz with Ben and Vivi
* Late night watching of horrible movies with my brother.

Whoa, hold the phone...I'm almost bearing my heart on the internet. That's my cue.

Drew R.
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11-07-03 8:07am

Hey Drew its Cookie ... thanx for letting me read ur journal event ho u didnt want me to ... and u were wrong it isnt "stupid" ur a reali sweet guy!! i luv ya! XoX*

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Re:, 11-07-03 8:07am

i spelt someting wrong ... THO***

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11-08-03 2:42am

we definately need another sushi jazz night. that was one of the best times ive ever had.

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Re:, 11-08-03 11:24am

ha. your mom + alcohol rocks.

good times.

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