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Courtney13 (profile) wrote,
on 11-10-2003 at 9:47pm
Current mood: emotionless, once again, becuase of you.
Music: These Days, Its a country song yes i know, its i like it.
yeah sittin here thinkin' bout josh and how attractive he is. Yet, still thinking about that certain person that i wish i wasn't. Just got home from DeAnna and Brads house. Brads kool, he may be a whore but hes really kool.
86% of 14 year olds are sexually active... Thats terrible! how worse can that get! And no im not onf of those 14 year olds.. even thou im 15. but yeah..I love you neilee. Im going to wait from him to appear online...try to make my miserable life a little happier.
Goodnight and SweetDreams everyone.
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