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Kamron (profile) wrote,
on 11-13-2003 at 10:11am
It's a perfect day outside. The snow is so beautiful with the sun peaking out every so often. It feels like a day of renewal. Not like in the way the first days of spring do, but more a renewal of the soul. It makes me feel that... I don't know how to day it. It's just so beautiful. I want to go out and just walk, so that I can be a part of it. It's times like this that I feel like I'm made for bigger things. As if all of this beauty and perfection were designed specifically for me and if I don't do something great in repayment everything will be disappointed.
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11-13-03 2:50pm

It is a great day today. We finally got some snow. :D Love you.

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11-13-03 4:55pm

I love snow!

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