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spud (profile) wrote,
on 3-22-2002 at 10:24pm
Current mood: peaceful
Music: aerosmith "walk this way"
Subject: cinderellibluhare

so, i got my hair done. that was all nice and fine. i'm a blue hair, but i don't feel any older. darn. it's not obvious, but most people that noticed thought it was cool. i feel nice. new hair, cleanly shaven, washed face. there is something so envigorating about washing your face. it has jack to do with acne, it just feels good.
i went to the cinderella thang. it was cool. i'm glad that i went. i got to see dani, stinko, sputnik, holiday, jenna, colligan, and meet this new chick (new to me) crissy something, i dunno. i guess she's in band. not chrissy edwards, but another one. i don't know. i finally found out who tara vietti was. i didn't even know she was in band. pretty sad, eh. i'm not very up on things. i feel good, though. i'm giddy about tomorrow with sugarmouse. i hope she's enjoying her hot date, but it still urks me. *shudder* but, tony IS cool, so it shouldn't bug me, right? i should stop.
oh! the pseudopod squad is coming along nicely. ryan combined his "snills and snails" with my "pseudopod squad". the story takes place in Yo Town. Rob Paramecium robs Yo Town bank, and the mayor (in the middle of a very important speech) is alerted of this by snills and snails (witnesses to the crime). mayor spirogyra calls upon the Pseudopod Squad to help in this dire situation. as of the end of fifth hour, our amoeba friends are on their way to the bank to stop Rob from robbing. get it? rob/robber. i thought it was tacky enough to be hilarious. hey, hilarious almost has hilary in it! boy, i must sound pretty whack. i assure you i come by this naturally, not aided by psychedelic drugs. they're for lesser mortals incapable of creating their own high from auras and ambiance.
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12-15-09 2:54pm

or somehow got old and self-conscious and can't do it naturally anymore for some reason.

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