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sammibaby (profile) wrote,
on 12-6-2003 at 11:35am
Current mood: grateful
Music: gangsta girl
Subject: heyyy
i love my 3 dorks!!!!! (kaila, amara, n carlos)

last night was eventful:

*went to see Honey at 8 but it was sold out, so me n carlos had to make about a hundred calls tryin to see if we could find rides...FINALLY my mom said we got the movie for 9:40
*so we had all this freakin we walked to boomers..played air hockey lol...i beat u kaila!!
* ran into a lot of ppl: elana, sam, jeff, kevin, some other ATL ppl, and christian..i tried avoiding him, so when we were leaving, i ran ahead so he wouldnt see me..but noo, he had to turn n we almost bumped into eachother..he killed my 'escape plan' lol
*then when we were walking back to muvico..we had a little fight of who could push someone into the grass lol..yea i got beat by carlos and my toes got al wet n stuff lol, but amara took him down with his white belt self lol
*then we got into the movie..n while we were waiting we juss talked n goofed around..funn lol..."wuv u pee wee".."wuv u pokey"..."wuv u bozo" ( had to be there)
*the movie was good!! i liked it! "carlos dont fall asleep!!"

damnit i know more stuff happened..but i dont how to explain it lol..and other stuff i juss dont

thank u guys for takin me out n for havin a good timeeee!!!!!! love u guyssssssssss

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12-06-03 12:26pm

love u 2 ;-)

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12-06-03 2:07pm

wuv u bozo!!!<3..i'm glad u had fun..

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12-06-03 2:42pm

sry i cudnt go:(

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Re:, 12-06-03 3:42pm

me too

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12-06-03 4:39pm

dam dont you ppl know how to sneak into a movie sigh........

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Re:, 12-06-03 8:53pm

and you are??

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