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boricuababy (profile) wrote,
on 12-6-2003 at 2:07pm
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Subject: I WUV U GUYZ!!!
i had tha bestest time with my bestest friends!! letz see..we got to muvico around like sold spicalicious..lmao..and bozo had ta make literally 1746807868723210 phone calls ta find rides..cuz my mom wuz gonna be home dat thanks ta bozo's mommy we were able ta see honey!!! we ended up gettin tix for tha 9.40 yea wid all that time we walked ta we walked in this circle back into muvico b4 every1 realized we had ta keep den at boomers we played air hockey!!..carlos beat me wuz sam beat me like l;et u win cuz it wuz ur!!! kiddin..sam and amara got a tied game of 5-5..and carlos beat amara had fun..den we saw all deez ppl from loggers'..and jeff and sam (eww)..elana..creepy black kid from skoo.. lol..umm kevin (cutie) wuz great sam..amara saw her friend from middle skoo yea..we had sooooooooooooooooo (with anotha o) much fun..can't wait ta chill agen wid u guyz..:D..juss no more tickle fights in tha car wen i'm squishin sam..k?? yaz..x0x0
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12-06-03 2:55pm

thankies mucho pokey!!!! wuv u!!!!!!

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Re:, 12-07-03 6:21pm

anytime bozo..i wuv u too..<

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