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sammibaby (profile) wrote,
on 12-7-2003 at 1:38am
Current mood: weird
Subject: ::sighs::
i have sat in my room for the past like two hours..not saying a word and just thinking about my life...

well, without getting into the other stuff...i juss wanna let u guys know that i am soo grateful to have u guys as friends...i am now realizing what i have means so much to i thought u guys should know that. man i know what i wanna say, but dont know how to...its soo i guess that will have to do for now..

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12-07-03 6:40pm

i'm so grateful i have u as a friend too..u guys mean so much to me..and itz great sayin that once in awhile..i wuv u sammi!!..i kno how it is wen u wanna express urself but dont kno how..yea it getz pretty frustrating..juss put it any way u want..;D..<3..x0x0

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