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sparkythefool (profile) wrote,
on 12-7-2003 at 2:11am
Current mood: pissed
This is really long, so sorry.

There's this girl that I used to be friends with named Courtney. I don't like her very much, and neither does anyone else. However, one of my fairly good friends started hanging out with her a lot more, and now she thinks they're best friends. Of course, Courtney doesn't feel this way, but my friend can't see that. I was trying to warn my friend and prevent her from getting hurt, and I told her that Courtney was a bad influence (because she is) and that to be careful around her, because she could be best friends with you one day and hate you the next (like she did with me). Unknown to me, all this got repeated back to Courtney. The other day, we (the soccer team) were playing some truth game or something on the bus ride home, and everyone was joking around, calling everyone else skanks and sluts and the like. So I said, COMPLETELY joking, "Man, if anyone here could be slapped with the label 'slut,' it's Courtney!" And she got all pissed. Everyone knows that I joke around a lot, and I didn't mean it at all.

The next day, this girl comes up to me and says she's Courtney's best friend, and asks me if I have a problem with Courtney. I told her no, and she yelled at me some, and then she left. At practice later, I get cussed out by three people telling me to stop talking shit and to leave Courtney alone. I went up and tried to apologize to Courtney, but she just bitched at me and walked away. Then, last night at the party, I was watching a movie and some friends come up to me and say, "Hey, Courtney wants to talk to you." Basically, her and three other people ganged up on me and just yelled at me. Courtney said, "Well you know, you said I'm a bad influence, but then you go doing fucking crazy shit like _____________." And she shouldn't have said that, especially not in front of everyone. I didn't reveal anything personal about her, so she had no right whatsoever to go telling everyone that about me. This also happened to be in front of a room full of people.

God, I hate that bitch.
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12-07-03 2:56am

Fucking whore. I 'hate' the way that people are so biased about situations, so fucking certain that they're right about everything that they never stop to realize what complete asshole-fucking-whores they're being.

She's a slut. A bitch. And I'm sorry if she reads this and gets all pissed at you, but she deserves it. To be as narrow-minded as her must be a pain in the ass. I can't wait till she, one day, realizes how much of a fucktard she's been to everyone.

And I hope that everyone realizes that you've done nothing wrong. It was a simple mistakes that you've tried to correct, and everyone was too bitchy and "Oh god, let's do the right thing and stand up for that bitch because we want to be cool" to even notice you. =\ I'm sorry.

Feel better.

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12-07-03 6:08am

Isn't it funny how people can be so stupid at times? She's probaly so stuck in her own ass (the poor dear, she'll be getting poked in the eye by the stick already up there) that she doesn't realize how bad she hurt you.

God, now I hate that bitch.

You just DON'T do that, it's an honour thing. You don't say awful things, you don' just don't! She deserves any hate she's getting from you.

She's a narrow-minded slutty bitch. Remember one thing, you're SO much better then her.

Emmy xoxo

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