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Courtney13 (profile) wrote,
on 12-8-2003 at 10:01pm
Current mood: alone.. cry-ish...missful..
Music: suga suga
I'm over him, finally over the one I've loved for almost 2 straight years..BUT.. my feelings have gone toward someone else..that doesnt have those feelings for me..*cries* I'ts sadening knowing that I'm right..It's better to go thru the pain now rather than latter when it will hurt even worse. I tryed today at school.. I about cryed at lunch.. the tears were in my eyes waiting to fall but i stopped them. It's Hurts. Hurts real bad. Goodnight. I love you Kate.. And Joe.. you've helped alot. :)
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12-09-03 3:22pm

I love you too, Courtney.

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aww.., 12-10-03 4:57pm

Im sorry.. i wish i could help ya out.. but im always here if you need somone to talk to...

:) I hope things get better for you.. They usually do with time.. and alot of ice cream.. lol just kidding..


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