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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 12-11-2003 at 8:10pm
Current mood: excited but NOT GOOD
crap crap crap
you know where you get feelings for someone but know it won't work out or never happen so you TRY and get rid of them, but they really just bury themselves underneath other feelings, and then when you're already involved with someone else and that other person comes back and everything falls into place with both of you and it just seems like it's right this time but you still have that other person you're in love with and together with that's there....and you're just torn between the two and don't know what to do!?!? yeah...that's me right now!!

so he gets online, and i had JUST taken off my away message and he IMs me like a second later! then so were talkin and he tells me he broke off EVERYTHING with his EX and besides that nothing is why would that be the ONLY thing he points out as new?!?! hmm well then he starts like....jokin around...which he's never done online and we're just having a friendly converstation and everything but then he got kicked off....:-( but omg...what the hell am i supposed to do!?

well...i just vented on tiff...i'm just gonna let things go....see what happens. i really like them both....things always happen with us at the WRONG maybe that means something....but whoknows...alright it's shower time
catcha later

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12-12-03 9:46am

stick with chris. aaron knows that you'll always be around, so when he has no one else he just comes back to you, chris has always been and always will be about you, if i had that, i would not let anything interfere with it and i would have stuck with it a long time ago....

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yeah, what she said., 12-13-03 7:11pm

You what I think about it so I don't even have to say it. Just keep in mind that boys are just that...boys. I love ya girlie!


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