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Blade-Of-Reason (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2003 at 5:01pm
Subject: Bloodshed tears
Who can see through bloodshed tears?
Filled with heartache, pain and fears
Alone I sit and wonder why
Why the hell I even try
Running rampant in my head
Thoughts of life and times ahead
My bodyís limp, my soul is weak
From where Iím standing life looks bleak
Someone save me, save me please
Iím begging you, Iím on my knees
Screams filled with heartache, filled with hate
Save me please, before its too late

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01-15-04 11:08pm

i really like your poetry

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Re:, 01-17-04 11:54am

Thank you,Personally i don'y think my poetry's all that great.

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