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THE+ONE+I+LOVE (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2003 at 8:25pm
Current mood: excited
Well.. the big 16 i turn sixteen in less that five hour.. yay... everybody is so happy... oh well its just another fucking day..
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hi, 12-16-03 4:24pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! hope you have a Great DAy!!!!!

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12-16-03 6:16pm

yeah me too....*looks bad at her memory* i remember the day i turned i still am! hehe oh well i am an old fart i guess lol jk AHH febuary ill be 17!

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hey, 12-20-03 11:07pm

Hey i know this is alittle late but hey Happy Birthday..and i also remember when i turned 16..well Kevin and I..and i said dang i wish i could ya later..

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