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Kate (profile) wrote,
on 12-16-2003 at 10:46pm
I have this deep deep passion of raging anger for everything I'm going to talk about right now.

I can't fucking stand people who aren't reasonable. What? You know I'm right, but you don't want to be wrong so you're going to be a bitch to me? Someone tells you to do something, you know it really doesn't matter, and you explain this to them, but they don't give a shit. They make you do it anyway. This is mainly parents. Adults hate admitting their wrong to someone younger than them. The day I find an adult who will back down and finally agree when I'm right, I will highly respect and probably never question them again. If you're in an arguement, instead of just assuming you're right, actually think about what the other person is saying. And if you realize that they could be right, fucking ADMIT IT. They'll probably respect that you did, if they're reasonable themselves. And you must be UNDERSTANDING. Or at least try your hardest to understand what you can.
Also, don't call eachother names. Okay, let's stop acting like 2nd graders now. Calling the other person a name, makes them more angry, and prone to calling you a name, so you get angry and call them a name and it goes back and forth. It's completely USELESS and DUMB. Do you really think the person's going to say, "Oh yeah, you're right, I am an ass licker," seriously? That's where reasonablility comes in. DON'T NAME CALL.
When you're in an arguement, you'd better fucking have logical reasons for it and things to back it up because if not, you're wasting everybody's time and you're just going to be thought an idiot.
Don't use the guilt trip. If I'm in an arguement, and somebody starts begging for pity, (ex: I've been crying for 3 days straight. No one understands, and all you can do is yell at me,) my respect for them is going to drop to practically nothing. And I'm probably going to stop listening to you right then. And do not get cocky, because that will not help you.
One more thing, never yell. You start yelling at me while we're fighting, and my respect for you goes down even more. There is no point in yelling. Especially when I'm 5 feet away from you.

When you're in a relationship, any kind of relationship, it is NOT one-sided. If you say to me, "you never talk to me. How come you never message me anymore?" why the fuck didn't you message me if you wanted to talk so bad? And do you ever see those relationships when a couple are going through a "rough time," but all you see is one person going, "I'm so sorry. I love you. Can't we please make this work? I'm so sorry!" and the other just seems to like to be some sadistic bitch and get mad at them for whatever? Why would you do that? And to the person who's doing the grovelling, why would you put up with that? You might say, "because I need them! Nobody else loves me." Fuck that. If you're reading this, and that applies to you, then you're most likely my friend. I love my friends. Meaning, I love you.

Which leads me to another thing. When people use pity for attention. "You don't like me anymore, do you? I'm so ugly." If I didn't like you, I'd've blocked you by then. Also, "Nobody cares. Everybody leaves me and hates me." Then who the fuck am I? You're basically telling me I'm a shitty friend because you obviously think I don't care. I do love and care about you. Stop questioning that. And if you really have a problem with yourself, change it! You have control over yourself to an extent enough to change yourself to a better person. It's not easy, but either you work on it and do it, or shut up.
Now there are differences. Some people just need to rant to me, and that's fine. They might say, "nothing goes right for me," and stuff like that, and I'm fine with that. But it's the complaining about how much the world is against you that I hate, because if you have me as a friend, the entire world isn't against you.

Onto judgement. Judgement and immaturity. There's different levels of immaturity. There's okay immaturity, which is acting dumb with your friends. Then there's bad immaturity, which is litterally doing bad, stupid, you're-a-dumbass-stuff. I'm sure you can find at least one example of bad immaturity on every bus. They seem to like to gather there. Anyway, I abhor the statement, "I wasn't thinking! I don't think before I do/say stuff!" That's no excuse. How can you not be aware that you're making out with someone who is not your boy/girlfriend? How can you not know that you just let 5 different guys feel up your shirt? How can you not realize that you're talking shit about your friend when they're not there? Oh, you were drunk, that's why you didn't know. Uh huh. Use your judgement and your fucking brain.

Next, YOU ARE NOT THE BEST. Everybody wants attention; it's human nature. But don't be a prick. Swallow your pride and realize that you. are. equal. to. every.body. else.

Now this is one of the most important. And probably the most difficult for some people. Stop living in that little box of a life. You're never going to understand anything if you don't start thinking differently. Be open. Be open to almost everything. Start looking at things from other peoples' point of view. And I mean, really look. Never assume you know exactly how they're feeling or that you know who they are. And don't be such an ass to everyone.
Along with looking from other peoples' perspective and that sadistic one-sided stuff, do not hurt people on purpose. Don't lead people on. Do you think they won't care? That they'll just go on with their life like it didn't matter? No. You may not be hurt, but they sure as hell are. And it's all your fault. Don't be sadistic, and don't be stupid. If you know you don't want anything to happen with them, DON'T DO ANYTHING. My God.

It's not like everything I just said is hard at all to do. It's not like it's hard to just be a good person.
I wasn't aiming this all at any one specific person, I'm just uber pissed right now. It's like when someone says, "well life's not fair." It's those people who say that, that are making it unfair.
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12-17-03 1:45am

I agree with everything you say. You def speak with alot of wisdom before your years.

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12-17-03 5:33am

i would have read all that but my eyes keep wigging out

i'll read it later today

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Aye., 12-17-03 4:14pm

I completely agree with you.

Sometimes, I may be horribly unreasonable and I realize I can be like that. I don't make excuses for it. I know I act bitchy. But I do apologize for being a bitch to those who didn't deserve it.

Anywhore... Enough with my boring, senseless ramble. I agree with what you say, even if I don't put forth my effort to be a good person 100%.

I love you, too. ( ;

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12-17-03 7:56pm

I agree completely. Especially with that thing about not thinking. :)
I can be sadistic at times, but in a fun way. Well, for me. Yeah, sometimes I'm just mean.

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12-17-03 8:10pm

wow. long post. but what you said is so true though, i envy how you can be so opinionated.

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12-17-03 8:10pm

you never talk to me. How come you never message me anymore?

I hate when people say that.

why the fuck didn't you message me if you wanted to talk so bad?


a lot of the things you said, i had been wanting to say.

I love you Kate.

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12-18-03 9:02pm

Well said Kate. I agree. I think it's time for a lot of people to grow up.

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