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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 12-18-2003 at 8:13am
Hello to all, this will be my last entry for a while because I am going on a cruise, thats right, a cruise.

This morning I woke up to my brother walking noisly around the hose, so when I go into the kitchen to see my dad he's like " Did you get mom or Brandon anything?" and I hadn't so said and he makes this mean face and is like but you had time to buy all your friends gifts? and now I feel liike shit, so CONGRATULATIONS dad, for ruining my morning!
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12-18-03 9:35am

:( have fun on ur cruise. luv ya

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12-18-03 7:15pm

i'm gonna miss heather!!! have fun in the panama canal. love ya.

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12-18-03 9:09pm

aww heathee! dont let him ruin ure day!! we had fun!

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12-18-03 11:44pm


i want to be on that cruise! have fun!!!

btw...i <3333 the picture frame. very spiffy. and it matches my room. :)

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