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bunnyblood2 (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2003 at 1:06pm
Current mood: accomplished
Music: KoRn-Y'all Want a Single
Subject: X-mas-y Blah!
I got a couple things already, X-mas wise. From my secret santa at work she gave me a ten dollar gift certificate to Hot Topic. That was pretty nice of her considering she's like an old lady-type person. Haha I hope she didn't go in there by herself. Not that there's anything wrong with old ladies.

And I bought some things for myself, too, I'll admit. While I was shopping for other people. Hehe. Anyways, I got myself 2 pairs of fishnets, one red pair and one black, because I needed more. And I also got myself a rock candy growin experiment thing. It comes with all the stuff that you need to make your own rock candy. It's pretty cool. The only thing is I have to wait a week for it to fully grow. Oh well, on Friday I get some rock candy, then.

I got more of my shopping done, though. Here's who can be expecting something from me:

Jon M.
Jon L.
My Mommy
My Grandma
My Grandpa
Tina (Co-worker)
Jessie (Tom's sister)
My sister
My Daddy
My brother
My Dad's fiancee

Well, I think I did pretty damn good. But, none the less, I still have to get things for the remaining people on my list, as to be fair. They are:


I promise I will get you guys something! Everybody has been pretty damn nice to me so I'm trying to give a little something back, to make up for all the time I want to hang out with them but can't because of work or whatever else I have to be doing. Haha I'm so nice. Not to brag or anything, but I thimk I can be pretty generous. Most of the people I got stuff for said they probably couldn't get me anything but I got them stuff anyway. Actually, I don't even expect to get anything back from other people, and did this even knowing that might be true. Because I don't even care, really, I'm just being nice because I want to. But any and all gifts to me are! ;)

Haha I stole one of my brother's X-mas presents while I was wrapping them for my mom. They're astro-jax. They're pretty neat their like a futuristic yo-yo, except it has three balls that rotate around each other, depending on what way you spin it or whatever. Haha that sounds kinda sick. Oh well.

I have to go work for 5 today. Ggrrr I don't wanna, but I do. I like the people there and they're nice to me now. Before they were all being bitches to me, guess it was the way I look. A lot of them even said to me that they misjudged me and that I really am a really cool person, despite the way I come off by the way I dress. Good, I'm changing the minds of some people. That makes me feel all warm and gooey inside. lol. And I like them, too, I think we all work well together and we can get shit done on time.

We also have this thing there called "reach for the stars" and you get reach for the stars cards every time you do something out of your way for another associate or customer. Like for example, there was a woman and her daughter there one day shopping and her daughter found a purse she really liked, but we only had red out and she wanted it in black. I told them that all the merchandise was still packaged downstairs in the recieving room and it would take a while to find one certain item. I saw that the girl was really disappointed and was reluctant to settle for the red one, so I went downstairs anyway to check. The box of purses downstairs happened to be open and I dug through it looking for a the black one she wanted. Out of luck I happened to find the exact one she was looking for and brought it up to her. She was extatic that I had found one and told my manager what I did for her. Mrs. M. (my manager) was really pleased to hear it (even saying "that's the kind of customer service I want to see!") and gave me a reach for the stars card. We don't actually get them, like physically recieve them, but she puts them on this huge poster with all the associates' names on it. She sort of just tallies them up on there with a sharpie. After you get about 25, you get an upgraded name badge. When you get hired there you get this cheap little gray plastic one with your name on a sticker on it. after getting 25 reach for the stars cards you get one that's red thick plastic with your name inscribed into it. I'm about 5 away from getting that one. After getting more cards you get better name badges, the next one is silver, then gold. The silver one looks really cool, too.

And i think this job really isn't just some stupid part-time thing I'm doing. I really like it there and hope to be getting full-time after I get out of school. I also hope to be able to get up to being head cashier. That would be nice. I get to tell people what to do, hehe! Maybe even manager one day if I stay there that long! Wow, I can't even picture myself being a manager of a store, neat-o! So what I'm saying basically is that I really am serious about this job and I like it very much. I haven't called out once yet. In two months. also get a reach for the stars card every time you don't call out for a month. So I'm doing pretty good there.

I think that's it for this entry. Remember to get me something for X-mas! I love you all!
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01-04-04 5:44pm

your givin satan a gift ?
whos that

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Re:, 01-21-04 11:33pm are you?

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