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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 12-25-2003 at 11:17pm
Current mood: sleepy
Music: Mary J. Blige* Real Love
Subject: ..hmm
..yes tomorrow is kwanzaa..well the first day of it anyway..but yeah just thought i'd let y'all know

courtney is engaged!!

and i am so not joking either..
life is goooood

yeah.. and i'm getting married in Japan yeah .. i hope you all had a bangin xmas like moi!! coz it was realll good this year and i wasn't even that excited. i'm not sure if i'm gonna even bother askin my mom if i can go to tiff's house tomorrow so see my darling bf..hmm.. ima still try'd be lovely..but i noe ima see him on saturday..and i wanna go shoppin...the trading spaces marathon is still on..

kings lost to the mavs 111-103..them dayum 4 three-pointers in a row..hmm i'm fallin azZz at the computer..which isn't good..and I must play the simpsons hit & run before i go to zZz..that game is excellent! i can beat people over ppl...hear Homer's funnnn! yeah.. 11:20.. ima call it a day

hope u had a merry xmas!

chuck <33333

La Courtney
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12-26-03 10:08am

oOo.. bring e shopping with you please.. and your engaged again? lol. look in my memories and i have ur other entry where u were gonna get married.. what happened there? did yall get a divorce.. was it abusive? ::smiles::

steph* aka *cris

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Re:, 12-26-03 4:48pm

lol, fa real fa real? i have to look and of course I'll call ya when I go shoppin girly! ..but yes.. I'm engaged again..boyz luv me I can't help it! sike nah .. but I don't think it was abusive! lol ttys!


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12-26-03 10:18pm

merry christmas 2 u 2 =)

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Re:, 12-26-03 10:50pm

thanks =D


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