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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 1-8-2004 at 8:00pm
Current mood: confused...
Music: not my guiatrgjf...haha mandy...
Subject: its bugging me but i dont know what it is...
i did my math hw after school on a rock...
we got left at school..mandys mom forgot about us... piano tonight...learning how to play jazz so i can learn how to play with the jazz band at school woop woop! coffee this morning :) woohoo yea that woke me dang thing every single urgh day...besides now i have economics to fail...grand! softball try outs are one day soon...urhghgh joy to the world...mandy i played sissy ball to long im really bad lol
I bought cookie dough from a baseball player today...he wouldnt shut up till i i owe him 12 bucks... well i have nothing to write about...spilling what im thinking about would include knowing what im thinking but i dont know...not at bugged about day i will figure this out... maybe im just tired about life...i want like a lil monkey to stick in my head and take all my problems and sort them out for me...why a monkey...porque...

We are so the radderestitest mandy...haha dude im so pattening that word...
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: p haha i have it captive..., 01-08-04 9:08pm

yes i know... a rock... at school... piano!??!?! i thought you were playin trumpet in the jazz band!! fine then give it back! lol jk coffee from your bestest radderestiest friend! lol haha you can too try out!! chicken! BOOT CAMPO! woop! CJ's mad that you bought cookie dough not from him! and befor eyou ask me for the 12 bucks... NO! STOP BORROWING MONEY FROM ME... oh wait i got that backwards...even though my tab is clear! might even have positve money on it! : P

a monkey?? OH my..... i worry (now if youd said hippo or penguin...mightve even gotten away with elephant but monkey.....i just dont know!

sign the patent! (you orange)

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bugs, 01-08-04 9:41pm

bugs huh? the best thing for that is a can of raid, but this isnt that kind of bug

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