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daydream (profile) wrote,
on 1-11-2004 at 10:18pm
Music: thursday-asleep in the chapel
i'm much too anxious these days. it always feels like somethings wrong, but i never figure out what it is. sleep is a foreign thing, but i will say i've created some pretty nice writings and drawing in those early morning hours.

i like a new boy and i don't quite know what to do about it. he's interesting and always listens to me whine about god knows what. his taste in music is beautiful, but he's one of those people that never lets on to what he's really thinking. i want to know him.

"i'd like to see you undone."
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01-12-04 2:33pm

whose this new boy? you never talk to me anymore..... i wanna know about this new boy and these late-night, early-morning writings. send me some.

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Re:, 01-12-04 8:27pm

i practically wrote you a book earlier this evening...did you get it? it explains a lot of what's goin on.

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