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godessalthena (profile) wrote,
on 1-12-2004 at 7:33pm
Current mood: quixotic
Music: Moulin Rouge - Come What May
Subject: Du
I am such a fucking moron... Do I even listen to myself when I say lessons I learn out loud? I can't even hear myself talk sometimes... Why oh why did I ever have to be myself... Why couldn't I be some other person that never did anything wrong... Or even talked... I'm just a pathetic moronic dumbass who can never do anything right in my whole fucking life because I'm too much of a loser to try...

"It's not my place to change people..."

I don't like how a person I'm close to is turning out... They aren't a good person... They don't care about anything but themselves, they never listen to suggestions, they always think you're making fun of them... They don't even listen to the wretched things that come out of their mouths... Why did they turn into this person? Why can't they think before they act... Or just change their way of thinking? It really hurts me to see someone I love turning into something I've hated from day one... I guess it's just the way they're supposed to be...

I just don't understand... I guess I'll never understand... Seeing as I'm a lesser being than they are... I'm just stupid and weak and a waste of flesh... I can't fucking stand it... I CANNOT FUCKING STAND THEM! FUCK YOU...

I'm sorry... I don't know why I feel like this... I'm almost crying... But I don't want to talk about it... I've alread said too much... Now someone will take it the wrong way and I'll be thrown into the very pits of Hell for saying anything... For stating my opinion... Well... I guess since I'm not up to some people's level I am not allowed to say my opinion while they can say whatever the fuck they want...

Forgive me for waking up in the morning... Maybe it will never happen again...

I can't so anything fucking good enough...

I'm always just one short...

I'm never going to be anything...

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01-12-04 9:56pm

i agree many horrible people in the world...

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01-12-04 11:40pm

It's not that I dont think before I act Amelia, it's just that I dont care anymore.

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.., 01-13-04 11:01pm

i cant either im stuck in a pool of myself that wont let me drown.....
if you saw me then you would think you were perfect cause im so fuked up
i will love you
if you will love me
no one loves me!

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