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:: 2016 25 June :: 10.10 pm

I just want to fucking bawl my eyes out

why do I fuckin ruin everything

why are people so fuckin weird

why is this a fucking issue every single time

I just want to be normal, and that was robbed from me

I will always be weird inside I will always be lame.

are you reaching out

:: 2016 21 June :: 5.35 pm

Where was your heart
When we needed it most?
Live in denial
And I'll be your ghost
There is nothing to let go
Only time will let you know
If you're worth anything
and you know then
That I'm giving up way too early
Let the axis turn you free
And destroy everything you love

The world looks better when you're falling
Grace to comfort enough to crawling
Divided we must
Pray for the broken
No one could fix us
We are, we'll always be
The wronged

are you reaching out

:: 2016 17 June :: 11.54 pm

I wish I had never been born

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:: 2016 16 June :: 7.56 am

things are never easy and simple. and if they appear to be, you will likely end up paying dearly for it in the future.

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:: 2016 15 June :: 2.43 pm

is never eating again an option?

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