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:: 2015 28 February :: 12.07 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic

i love dates. not that we called it a date.. but.. that was great :)

i haven't had someone pay for my stuff in so long. it was so cute.

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:: 2015 27 February :: 9.14 pm


I'm drowning

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:: 2015 21 February :: 5.24 pm
:: Mood: curious
:: Music: the indiest shit your earholes have heard

.... steppin out (bjorne) ....
so, a creative bug has hit me, and i have written my first song. please keep in mind this is a rough version and is subject to change. at this point i only have the lyrics, but i think i know what key i want to write it in and am working out how i want it to sound. i am, nevertheless, filled with an exuberant amount of pride at this. and while i may feel extremely exposed, please enjoy:

Read more..

thoughts? ideas? please be kind!

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:: 2015 20 February :: 5.20 pm

bought my first new car :3

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:: 2015 19 February :: 8.49 am

forgot my phone at home today >.<

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:: 2015 18 February :: 9.52 pm

totally an adult now. just bought my first newer vehicle!

and I love it!!

she is small, black and quiet, just like my soul... bahahaha /emo

today has been excellent. I am going to just drive everywhere. I'm so stoked gonna drive around with my guitar and some paper and a pen and just get inspired, man.

like a fuckin Subaru commercial, only its a Chevy.

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:: 2015 17 February :: 8.36 pm

drunk drunk drunk

wrote my first song today :)

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:: 2015 15 February :: 8.58 pm

I have things I want to say.. but how do I say them

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:: 2015 15 February :: 10.27 am
:: Mood: nostalgic

bwahaha just as good as i remember

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:: 2015 11 February :: 9.06 pm

maybe.. just maybe... everyone is an asshole who wants to hurt me...

best start assuming the worst in everyone. save me a lot of time and feelings. and then I can die old, alone, and safe.

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:: 2015 11 February :: 5.57 am
:: Mood: relieved

last night was a good night. tonight will be good too. monday was good too!

Monday was also the anniversary of the passing of my grandpa. it's been 13 years since then, and I miss him every day.

also, I haven't heard from andrew in a month and a half. I even tried adding money to his phone. I'm gonna try to write to him again, but last time the letter never made it..

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:: 2015 10 February :: 5.28 pm

i think i want a woohu tattoo.

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:: 2015 9 February :: 8.39 am

over slept 1.5 hours
big sister interview tonight
grandpas anniversary tonight
desk is overflowing with work

I want another vacation haha

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:: 2015 6 February :: 7.39 pm

I love when you crawl into new clean sheets, after a nice shower, cuddled with two wonderful puppies. damn, life is good.

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:: 2015 5 February :: 11.01 am

surrounded and spiraling

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