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:: 2016 27 September :: 6.04 am

after the shit storm that has been the last few weeks, there is a light on the horizon.

finally finished the office. i've never experienced office life quite like that, but i can relate at least a little. excellent show.

now to finish quantum leap.

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:: 2016 24 September :: 12.28 am

definitely not getting any sleep tonight

are you reaching out

:: 2016 22 September :: 10.12 pm

if i close my eyes and imagine laying in my favorite field of clover and sunlight with you, will you ease my pain?

if i hold out my hand in the dark will i find yours there next to me?

i wish i could cuddle with you again, in the early morning hours in your leather chair. could i forget all that's happened since then? can we sit in the golden montana sun and snore our lives away? i miss you so much. i wish i could have hugged you one last time.

why are things always so fucking painful? why are people so terrible? why does everything turn into a burning pile of charred ash and cinder..

i just want to sleep forever. i feel so dead inside.

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:: 2016 22 September :: 8.24 am
:: Music: FIDLAR bad habits

sometimes i really want to become a drug addict

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:: 2016 22 September :: 6.56 am

the sun is no longer up when i go to work :(

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