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nothing they said can save you

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:: 2016 5 May :: 2.29 pm

comparison will always beget misery.

can you see me?

:: 2016 1 May :: 2.05 am

so drunk

punk/street kid life

not for fucking me

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:: 2016 29 April :: 8.17 pm

even though I fucking hate driving being in my car is the only place I feel completely at home

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:: 2016 29 April :: 6.06 pm

I know it's a little late, but happy birthday grandpa. I miss you so so much.

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:: 2016 26 April :: 6.46 am

I wake up every morning exhausted with ridiculous tummy cramps. I make at least 3 browns every morning. I think I'm dying.

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:: 2016 23 April :: 8.51 am

he is my Juan and only <3

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:: 2016 23 April :: 7.49 am

do men experience emotions differently from a woman because we are different or because society tells us we are..?

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:: 2016 21 April :: 9.42 pm

Do not commit the error, common among the young, of assuming that if you cannot save the whole of mankind, you have failed.

- Jan de Hartog

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:: 2016 21 April :: 7.07 pm

sitting waiting to see my first comedy show..

saw someone at work who recognized me..

I feel the strong compulsion to get wasted. I took a Lyft down here.

Juan is more than despondent about Prince's passing.

we are about to go off the rails on a crazy train in these... last days of April... bahahaha

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:: 2016 19 April :: 9.51 pm


I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies.

- Pietro Aretino

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:: 2016 16 April :: 8.07 pm

all I do

all I do baby

is keep lettin you down

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:: 2016 15 April :: 7.45 am

there's never any certainty
but in my avoidance of the fluffier of feelings
their memories are just out of reach

I want to pour my heart out
to put it in clear glass for you to see
but these fears keep holding me from losing myself

my heart tugs me towards you
a scrappy loyal dog from the opposite side of the tracks
two fiery hearts waiting to combine

but what if the fire dies out
what if the fuel starts to fail
what if these embers are meant to waiver
and the world is a pail brought to douse us

oh but sugar pie honey bunch.... you know that I love you?

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:: 2016 11 April :: 8.53 am

I don't normally get so anxious for my birthday
but this year is going to be different
I wonder if anything special will happen?

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:: 2016 9 April :: 6.27 pm

jammin with two cool dudes

breakin the law and grinnin my ass off

laughter fillin up the room and the sky

I guess dreams really do come true

can you see me?

:: 2016 8 April :: 9.57 pm


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