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:: 2015 20 May :: 6.17 pm

surrounded and spiraling

it's crazy what a couple missed pills will do

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:: 2015 19 May :: 9.50 pm

I played a bass, a key board and a violin today. can you say killin it?

I love mah band. Tuesday is the best day of the week

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:: 2015 19 May :: 1.21 pm

sitting next to all these slender sexy men, I can't help but fantasize nibbling on their ears. imagining how big their dicks are. imagining their bodies under their nicely pressed shirts.

i just wanna get laid on the reg.

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:: 2015 18 May :: 11.47 am

insurance is like a super massive black hole.

and while you never see it as a career opportunity, if you get too close, you'll get sucked in, finger printed in 45 states and then it's 15 years later and you wonder what the fuck happened.

and I'm only a third of the way down.

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:: 2015 17 May :: 2.31 pm

yesterday Zoe and I biught dude outfits and colonge and went to the parade, and people were ridiculously unfriendly. at the bars everyone tried to pick arguments with us.

people are so freaking difficult

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:: 2015 14 May :: 11.24 pm

fun night out with Zoe. some real intense conversations about profiles and food. now if only it were friday and not thursday haha

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:: 2015 13 May :: 5.46 am
:: Mood: cheerful

so, other than feeling really shitty about not knowing anything about the bass, band practice was really fun. i learned so much and know i can actually practice without getting pissed off because i can't get my thumb to move fast enough.

it's finally raining, and it feels so good. i want to cuddle up and watch a movie and eat some papa murphy's.

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:: 2015 12 May :: 10.39 pm

How simple life becomes when things like mirrors are forgotten.
- Daphne du Maurier,

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:: 2015 10 May :: 8.23 pm

follow the paths you made through the holes in my chest
find all your pretty things tied up in knots where they're left

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:: 2015 10 May :: 10.35 am

went to Andy's band's practice last night. it was so absolutely inspiring. I hope my band rocks half as hardcore as they do. they might let me try out to be a singer! it just.. a huge grin was plastered to my face the whole time. and they just know so much, I am such a n00b

it was a crazy night. so much went down. spokane is sooooo small. the fear of running into someone Sus and I slept with is very real, because I see these women EVERYWHERE and they all remember me, and I don't always remember them. hawkward.

but the family of the house it was at are just soooo adorable. they remind me of my family. just weird and adorable. TEEN BOAT

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:: 2015 9 May :: 10.46 am

and I know it's hard when you're falling down
and it's a long way up when you hit the ground
but get up now, get up

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:: 2015 8 May :: 8.29 am

heading to my volunteer day at the Spokane aids network! helping others always makes me feel so good about myself. I just hope my back thinks it's as awesome XD

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:: 2015 5 May :: 10.13 pm

today was extremely emotionally taxing. it's like so many lives are crumbling around me and I'm doing everything I can to hold up the pieces. or at least keep them in a nice little pile to be rebuilt..

and my ear won't pop.. I'm so tired of hacking and blowing my nose and not being able to breathe..

at least I have pizza.

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:: 2015 5 May :: 4.29 pm

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:: 2015 3 May :: 10.56 am

don't stop
never give up
hold your head high and reach the top
let the world see what you have got
bring it all back to you

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