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:: 2017 17 February :: 7.01 pm

3 out of 4 individuals on the special project team has the favorite animal of a giraffe


i think there's a definite correlation between weirdos and giraffe lovers.

oh and geniuses.

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:: 2017 16 February :: 10.02 am

there's a hole in the bottom of my heart
and all my blood is spilling into my organs

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:: 2017 16 February :: 6.40 am

im tired and i am filled with sadness and disappointment with myself

i wish i could erase what happened

i wish i could have been smarter sooner

i wish i hadn't been such a shitty person

being with him makes me feel like i need to forget my past and pretend i was just born yesterday. i don't like hurting him, but i don't like being silent forever.

i just want to give up. it was easier when i wasn't loved.

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:: 2017 14 February :: 6.21 pm

i love dog stars they make the commute home even better

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:: 2017 12 February :: 10.28 pm

everything is slightly up and to the left of center

not sure i like it

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