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:: 2016 25 August :: 10.08 pm

off to the tri cities for another Mexican birthday celebration and the taco guy

he makes the most delicious tacos, and to watch him prepare them is a treat

camping out in the back yard in a tent

it's going to be how you say

el mejor

are you reaching out

:: 2016 24 August :: 12.51 pm

I never have been

And I never will be

good enough

are you reaching out

:: 2016 22 August :: 9.52 am

probably the best thing growing my hair out has going for me:


are you reaching out

:: 2016 20 August :: 3.28 pm

he's sawing adorable logs on the couch next to me

I gently touch his butt

he wiggles and makes the cutest sleep chuckle

I could die so cute

are you reaching out

:: 2016 19 August :: 9.30 am

so some good news after the terrible horrible no good very bad day yesterday...


now to just get the title and she's mine ALL MIIIIIIINE

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