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:: 2014 28 October :: 8.02 pm

sometimes everything just feels so blah, you find yourself in bed at 730, texting people who are not on the same page as you, feeling bleh about them.

it's just so much bleh, blah, meh, eh... who cares?

19 credits left at school. work is slowing down (I'm almost catch up). ospe time is soon. so not into that this year.

this weekend needs to be over right stay now

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:: 2014 25 October :: 6.34 pm

I really miss drugs

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:: 2014 23 October :: 10.37 am

canceled my hair cut yesterday since it was it was my last opportunity to be alone before Mike gets here. I'm already exhausted just thinking about all the social interaction I'll be having while he's here.

then I think about the rest of my life, and wonder if maybe I should try to be more social or risk regretting these years as wasted since I'm young and free currently.

and then I think "fuck it" and remain antisocial, because a lot of the time being alone is just so fantastic. I think the part I love the most is nobody expects me to talk. it's just so nice, not feeling pressured to participate in a conversation. not needing to think of something interesting or relevant to say. not worrying whether I'm being boring or sounding stupid or something. I really hate talking. I like listening. hate talking.

I'm not even sure why I hate it so much. I haven't had a negative experience involving me talking in quite a while, so what makes me dread it so much? no clue. but here's to hoping someday it goes away!

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:: 2014 20 October :: 11.43 am

I don't think its really as bad as all that.

when it rains it pours though.

and right now I feel like I might get caught in the undertow

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:: 2014 16 October :: 8.13 pm


she is magic I fucking swear. I am so fucking jazzed I could dance

fuck this is awesome

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:: 2014 16 October :: 9.54 am

after my appointment I went home and started to sketch the drawing she asked me to make a month ago. needless to say I hated everything I drew.

I need to update my style. I don't even watch anime anymore, and I feel like my drawings are so childish now.

I am really excited for after work. I might leave early for mental health reasons but I seem to be managing the sad pretty well.

we went thru 18-21 last night. those were probably some of the worst years of my life. I had successfully forgotten about a lot of the things that surfaced in the session. I honestly don't know how I survived. those were dark days.

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:: 2014 14 October :: 11.57 am

"just because you're small doesn't mean you aren't important"

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:: 2014 14 October :: 11.01 am

this job is an endless fountain of misery for me. I hate the system, I hate the bureaucracy, the fake asinine entitled fuck heads in the department. I hate all the stupid fucking meetings.

I am so bad at what I do. and by bad I mean I'm extremely average. and that destroys my self esteem but I also can't find enough fucks to give to actually try to do better.

everyone gets kudos, except me. because I don't really fucking try. cuz what will it do? I don't have new revolutionary ideas, I don't see the problems in the machine, so no matter how hard I work, I'll still get a shitty review. so what's the point?

no one gives two shits about me here. I'm just a number. a warm body.

fuck LEAN methodology. fuck lms. I'm fucking done

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:: 2014 3 October :: 10.43 am

heading to ocean shores with Emily :D soooooo pumped!!

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:: 2014 30 September :: 8.03 pm
:: Mood: funky fresh
:: Music: better than ezra

I got a little bit of hope,
Like a soap on a rope
Sweeter than sour
Gettin' thinner by the hour
Fallin' fast and I'm runnin' out of gas
Noggin' on your sister smart as Bobby Fisher
Still I couldn't get arrested
Though I got more hooks
Than Madonna got looks
Just like that AC/DC song,
"C'mon baby, shake me all night long"

All I want to do
Is get up early in the morning
(oh I love you baby)
And all I gotta say to you
Is your love's extra ordinary
You're extra ordinary baby

Somebody pushed me through the door
I've been sleepin' on the floor
Thirty one flavors listen to
The neighbors through the wall
And a deputant ball
Use a lot on Visa got a Mona Lisa
So much for the late brand
Cause your money's spent
And it's cold inside
Just like that Barenaked Ladies song
"I'm hot like a wasabe when I'm next to your body"

All I want to do
Is get up early in the morning
(oh I love you baby)
And all I gotta say to you
Is your love's extra ordinary
You're extra ordinary baby

Your love's such a sweet thing

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:: 2014 27 September :: 1.50 pm

this might be the one
Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.

- Khalil Gibran

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:: 2014 26 September :: 12.31 pm
:: Music: houses
Follow the path that you made through the holes in my chest
I found all your pretty things tied into knots where they rest.

I stayed up all night in the color soaked dreams you project
But you find me alone when the sun resonates in my head

And I just want to see you around
I just want your back to my front all night long as it is

And I thought that I figured it out
I burned all the videotapes that we watched as a kid

I stayed up all night in a daze where your body had been
and you'll find me alone in the morning with all of our sins

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:: 2014 26 September :: 9.03 am
:: Mood: jubilant

life is so beautiful.

and things are so good.

and tomorrow will be sunny.

and I can't wait to carpe diem the shit out of every day.

cuz #yolo so brush your teeth and look both ways before you cross the street.

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:: 2014 24 September :: 9.28 pm

I often worry about "trying too hard".

how will I know?

what if I already am..

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:: 2014 22 September :: 1.01 pm

"Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?"

Rose Kennedy

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