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:: 2016 29 July :: 6.08 am

It is such a mysterious place, the land of tears...

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:: 2016 27 July :: 7.33 am

final day of the elimination diet/cleanse. I have learned a few things:

1 I will never be vegan
2 I am not allergic to foods
3 I feel bad no matter what I eat
4 vegans are crazy

tonight I will be in Leavenworth with my Emily! tomorrow... THE OCEAN

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:: 2016 25 July :: 8.23 pm

so close to the end, 2 more days left.

today I had a big juicy rib eye, rare. I feel full for the first time in 5 days and it's nice.

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:: 2016 21 July :: 2.41 pm

day 1 of elimination diet: fucking shitty as fuck

I might die.

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:: 2016 20 July :: 7.36 am

today's the big day.

things will work out. he's a great salesman.

I have to ask Zoe for baby tokes back and the thought makes my tummy wrench. I hope she isn't mean to me.


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