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:: 2016 6 December :: 9.23 am

winter sucks la la laaaaa

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:: 2016 30 November :: 12.15 pm

dear jamie, there are some things i'd like to set in pen. i would have used a pencil but lead's just not permanent.

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:: 2016 22 November :: 6.06 pm

it's kinda funny my favorite pipe is a lefty.

i was listening to let's go crazy today. it made me wonder what if this is heaven? and where ever we came from before was much worse? we just don't know the difference.

tried to bleach some chunks into my hair, but the developer i used wasn't a strong enough level, so it barely did anything. ill redo it in a few days, but i'm upset i damaged it for what is virtually nothing.

all i know is that this four day weekend will taste even better than my bacon dinner. so so so ready to not be at work for a while. it seems like i never get enough time away.

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:: 2016 19 November :: 4.18 am

fuck u

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:: 2016 18 November :: 6.53 am

it's good to be in love

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