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:: 2016 23 October :: 9.26 am

the world is an ugly place

filled with ugly people

ugly events

ugly future

are you reaching out

:: 2016 22 October :: 9.02 am

free prostitutes

2 night time trust fallnight time trust falls | are you reaching out

:: 2016 17 October :: 4.00 pm

i apparently have a huge personal problem with WASPs

maybe i should start the WASP elimination army

spread the wealth, spread the love, get rid of all those old white slave owners

are you reaching out

:: 2016 17 October :: 2.30 pm

i don't care if you've been friends with someone since childhood

he's still a hateful close minded misogynistic piece of shit

and i'm not going to pretend like he isn't for your sake

are you reaching out

:: 2016 15 October :: 9.33 am

hey now you're an all star
the only roads i know are the back roads

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