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:: 2016 28 May :: 9.27 pm

there's just somethin in the way he laps my tears away

the concerned look the warm tongue

cuddles and kisses, just what the dr ordered

I love Bjorne. I wouldn't give him up. not for everything in the whole world

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:: 2016 28 May :: 8.35 pm

how can I trust you when I can't even trust myself

are you reaching out

:: 2016 24 May :: 10.01 pm

Juan like my belches because they are deep and full

Ashley likes the sound of my voice because it is soothing

I reeeeeally hope Juan and I start a pod cast.

it would be how you say uh-maze

are you reaching out

:: 2016 23 May :: 10.20 am

why ARE there so many songs about rainbows and what's on the other side?

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:: 2016 17 May :: 10.06 pm

loyal dog met my parents today and spent time in my home on my couch watching my tv and enjoying my world and it was


the most MAGICAL thing

he made me a mix cd every song was love and passion

we checked out guitars and he fell in love
everything just fell just right just where it belonged

am I an animal in a cage?

if I am, do I even care?

he feels like home, and all I want to do is come to him.

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