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:: 2017 20 October :: 12.15pm

my life is full of melody, but rarely ever harmony
cem came and went
lum moved back to florida
my puppy turned 1 year old yesterday
my turntable showed up finally


are you reaching out


:: 2017 14 October :: 8.18pm

Jesus Christ, this BoJack is fucking me up

2 night time trust fallnight time trust falls | are you reaching out


:: 2017 6 October :: 11.35pm

so much cray shit going on in the world

1 night time trust fall | are you reaching out


:: 2017 29 August :: 4.01pm
:: Mood: defiant

trying to listen to my intuition
I thought that I needed to master each lesson in turn before moving on to the next. But some lessons are absorbed over time, and you can't get the full meaning just by repeating the words until they're memorized.

I admit, I confess. But I also object, and I demand redress.

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:: 2017 18 August :: 9.50pm

in my world nobody gives a fuck if somebody is a different color, race, gender or how they sexually identify themselves

more people need to be in my world

are you reaching out

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