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:: 2022 22 July :: 9.59am

I got a twenty-dollar bill that says no one's ever seen you without makeup.
You're always made up.

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:: 2022 25 June :: 7.52pm

Link: Abortion Access by State

This is bad, guys.

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:: 2022 25 May :: 10.21am

Another school shooting. A crazy racist shoots up a grocery store.

Women forced to carry their unwanted pregnancies to term because some people believe that's what their god wants to happen.

I believe there are things worth protecting in my life, in the place where I live. I went to a protest on May 14th and shouted "our bodies, our choice" over and over until my throat was raw and my words rang senseless in my ears, becoming sounds without meaning. Over 1,000 of us circled the capitol building in downtown Raleigh, waving homemade signs and shaking the rain off our umbrellas. I wore rain boots with my good pearls.

I'm going to online orientation meetings about volunteering with Planned Parenthood. Yes, I'm angry, and I am not going to take this lying down. I'm channeling my rage into action, and if you care at all about what's happening, you should be too.

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:: 2022 17 February :: 2.03pm

I know your MOTHA thinks that I'm nice, but she doesn't want you dating a Protestant

I know your MOTHA thinks I'm as cute as a koala, but half as intelligent

I saw your BROTHA down at the servo buying a carton of Camels

I saw your BROTHA getting a sticky with his mates, I think he's a pooftah

- Variations on "Like China" by Phil Collins

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:: 2021 19 November :: 10.11am

There will be no candle of Hope this year. Hope is no longer enough. There will be no candle of Peace this year. For there is no peace without justice. There will be no candle of Joy this year. There are too many empty places at the table to rejoice. But there will be Light. Light that shines in the darkness illuminating injustice and indifference. The lights I kindle will join with the lights others kindle and expose the depravity that steals, kills and consumes our children and, those complicit with it. This Advent is a season of preparation. We have work to do. Stay awake. Stay awake to injustice. And stay awake to justice, wherever it may be lest we despair. Stay awake. Or, as we say on twitter: #StayWoke.

Translation by Wil Gafney, Ph.D.

^ This was written in 2014.

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