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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 1-12-2004 at 8:02pm
Current mood: accomplished
So today kinda's not anyone's fault excpet my own.
My family is being stupid. my brother....ahh...apparently I always look at him mean so he pretty much hates me.

My computer is messed up

maybe a hug would make me better..... *hug*

So I'm watching this show and its Reno 911 and its so stupid but I can't help watching it.

Yeah so I just wrote this massive thing and I'm not quite sure where it went cause it's not here. So it's off somewhere, but it's ok, cause I just ate ice cream.

This is such a weird entry, maybe I'm on drugs....that'd be nice.
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01-12-04 8:15pm

*big, squishy (<~ lol squishy... and he shall be mine), bear hug*

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01-12-04 8:19pm

hug. well whatever it is, give me some, and then give some to dr. baum.

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01-12-04 8:22pm

thank you thank you

much love <3 <3


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01-12-04 8:32pm

*big hug*

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01-12-04 8:49pm


*plus a giggle*

tehe. feel better

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01-12-04 8:53pm

and here's an official:

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01-13-04 12:13pm

it scares me when heather isnt happy.


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01-13-04 4:36pm

aww my comp is messed up too.

tired today?

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Re:, 01-13-04 5:10pm

im a little sick today....but I'm good

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