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blackcandynecklace (profile) wrote,
on 1-14-2004 at 7:34pm
Current mood: grateful
Subject: :/ i hope cookie has a good home
i got a hamster! yey i've been wanting a pet for a very very long time. i've had fish but they always die : (. but jorie and i spent 3 hours looking for a hamster.. and we foudn one and it was soo cute and black and while.. but we were told we coudln't buy it cuz we weren't 18. so we went to get her mom and when we came back.. it was sold. i was sad. but now i have a really really cute one and it was the only one i saw the whole face : ) so we got her it's a girl but i need a name.. oh well yey!

jorie... she is on teh opposite side of the wheel and riding on it... do you know why? lol
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sleepy jen and jorie, 01-16-04 2:00am

i figured it out.. see she wants to get to the top of the wheel.. and when she gets to the top she sorta falls over on her side.. but sh'es awsome. but she's relaly confused cuz of the light and she thinks it's moring and it's realy 1 in the morning.. well then she knows what shes' talking about.. i'm just screwed up, mabey we should get some rest..

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