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:: 2006 17 February :: 11.13 am
:: Mood: sad

I feel like shit. I haven't eaten in about a day and a half, i haven't gone to class in tow days. I've basically been in this room doing nothing. I jsut wanted to update sine i noticed my last post was so positive

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:: 2005 8 December :: 10.21 am

How far I've come
Wow, i made it through a semester of college. If you've known me for a long time, you'd realize how big of a deal that is. And i'm glad to be here. Everything has changed sooo much. I'm a different person, and i like this person. Two years ago, i was supose to die, i almost did. The doctors could not explain how i lived, besides luck, but God kept me alive for some reason.

I never thought about my future before my senior year of high school. I might have thought about it for a short moment, but then would tell myself it didn't matter because i was not going to live that long. I never thought i'd graduate high school, it just wasn't my plan. My plan was to keep people happy and then die on a good note.

So here i am, in college, with a boyfriend, baptized, with a godson, friends, and a life. It's incredible.

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:: 2005 26 October :: 9.29 am

I'm back, and just as fucked up as i was.

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:: 2004 2 September :: 10.51 pm
:: Mood: gloomy

today i got pulled out of gym first period for group, which was fine. it was cool, no new people, which is good. as i was walking to my next class i passes by the nurses office and i was reminded of mrs. kolton, i asked marci if she had heard anything..... i didn't know she passes away. i was hoping i heard wrong, or that i imagined her saying it but as my head went down and i got that sick feeling i turned around back to the lst. i coudln't stop crying. i loved her so much. i prayed that i would die instead of her. i prayed for anything a miricle. but she's gone and i didn't even know. i talked ot mr.s carlson about it, she was crying too. i have never seen her cry. and i went to math and coudln't pay any attention, right after i saw campi and he asked me what was wrong, and i told him and all of a sudden muchroom apeared, and tears were there but nooone saw them. when i went to gov. i started to cry again, but with my head down and noone heard or saw so it was fine, i didn't go out to lunch, i didn't feel good. then i went to alex's study hall and got a little cheered up. next was journalistic writing where i just rooled my eyes at rachel the whole time, and then latin, where i actually payed attention.
when i began to write this tears came to my eyes. it's reminding me about other people who have gone away. but this was hurts alot. she seemed happy all the time, really cared about us. she was an amazing lady and i miss her so much.

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:: 2004 22 August :: 2.20 am
:: Mood: curious

BlkCandyNecklace [1:10 AM]: hi is this scott?
Metalguy2169 [1:10 AM]: yup
BlkCandyNecklace [1:11 AM]: alright. it's jen. i was just thinking about cristine and i'm wondering if she's ok. tha'ts all i want to know
Metalguy2169 [1:11 AM]: o um yeah shes good u should call her some time alot has happened
BlkCandyNecklace [1:12 AM]: she's good?
BlkCandyNecklace [1:12 AM]: alot has happend?
Metalguy2169 [1:12 AM]: like she has to tell u i dunno
BlkCandyNecklace [1:13 AM]: i don't know if she'd want to talk to me.
BlkCandyNecklace [1:13 AM]: is she ok though?
Metalguy2169 [1:13 AM]: yea
BlkCandyNecklace [1:13 AM]: ok thank you, can you do me a favor
BlkCandyNecklace [1:13 AM]: just tell me if anything really bad ever happens. i want to know
BlkCandyNecklace [1:14 AM]: i worry about her everyday, you can tell her that if you wnat
BlkCandyNecklace [1:14 AM]: i worry about you too
Metalguy2169 [1:14 AM]: okie dokies
BlkCandyNecklace [1:14 AM]: i miss you guys. thank you
BlkCandyNecklace [1:14 AM]: goodnight
Metalguy2169 [1:14 AM]: nigfht

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:: 2004 22 August :: 2.10 am
:: Mood: surprised

omg eric
omg eric all of a suddden imed me and all this crazy words came out of him

Phate318 [11:07 PM]: heybabe
BlkCandyNecklace [11:08 PM]: hey
Phate318 [11:09 PM]: how are ya
Phate318 [11:09 PM]: i think i saw u at the mall today
BlkCandyNecklace [11:11 PM]: nope
BlkCandyNecklace [11:11 PM]: lol i wans't at the mall today
Phate318 [11:11 PM]: haha oh well then im retarded
BlkCandyNecklace [11:13 PM]: :-P
BlkCandyNecklace [11:13 PM]: no
BlkCandyNecklace [11:13 PM]: i was at kohls
Phate318 [11:15 PM]: Oh
Phate318 [11:15 PM]: so was i...yesterday
BlkCandyNecklace [11:16 PM]: yea what's going on?when do you start school?
Phate318 [11:16 PM]: not too much workin alot, monday i start school
BlkCandyNecklace [11:17 PM]: cool
Phate318 [11:19 PM]: yep
Phate318 [11:19 PM]: hows ur bf
BlkCandyNecklace [11:19 PM]: he's good
BlkCandyNecklace [11:20 PM]: how are all your friends?
Phate318 [11:21 PM]: their all gone
BlkCandyNecklace [11:21 PM]: aww
BlkCandyNecklace [11:21 PM]: you miss them?
BlkCandyNecklace [11:21 PM]: well of course
BlkCandyNecklace [11:21 PM]: that was a dumb question
Phate318 [11:21 PM]: yes
BlkCandyNecklace [11:21 PM]: i'ts ok they'll be back soon right?
Phate318 [11:21 PM]: i screwed up wth u
Phate318 [11:21 PM]: and im sorry'
Phate318 [11:21 PM]: i should have spent more time
Phate318 [11:21 PM]: its my fault
Phate318 [11:21 PM]: im stupid
Phate318 [11:22 PM]: yea
BlkCandyNecklace [11:22 PM]: i'ts ok
BlkCandyNecklace [11:22 PM]: no your not
Phate318 [11:22 PM]: yes i am
BlkCandyNecklace [11:22 PM]: yoru not stupid
Phate318 [11:22 PM]: u are such an awesome chick
Phate318 [11:22 PM]: i was soooo stupid
Phate318 [11:23 PM]: ive never had a girl write me a card like u dod
Phate318 [11:23 PM]: idd
Phate318 [11:23 PM]: did
Phate318 [11:23 PM]: and i felt so special
Phate318 [11:23 PM]: i dunno ur just so...great, and i wish u were mine
BlkCandyNecklace [11:23 PM]: :)
BlkCandyNecklace [11:24 PM]: tha'ts so sweet. your an awsome guy too
Phate318 [11:24 PM]: thanks but im super serious, i dropped the ball and im sorry
Phate318 [11:25 PM]: i wish i could make it up
Phate318 [11:25 PM]: to you
BlkCandyNecklace [11:27 PM]: i really don't know what to say
Phate318 [11:27 PM]: sorry
BlkCandyNecklace [11:27 PM]: no please don't be sorry
Phate318 [11:28 PM]: i know but i still like u and i cant help it
Phate318 [11:28 PM]: ur just the total package, looks, brains and personality
BlkCandyNecklace [11:31 PM]: your a great guy, you really really are. and i'm sorry that it all happend like this. it makes me feel really really bad that i went ahead and got a boyfriend , but for real i really had thought that you lost interest in me.
Phate318 [11:31 PM]: no NEVER
Phate318 [11:31 PM]: i still like u so much
Phate318 [11:32 PM]: i miss not calling you or u not calling me, i dunno u are just so cute!...but i guess this new guy is just soo lucky, i know he is
BlkCandyNecklace [11:35 PM]: i'm sorru
BlkCandyNecklace [11:35 PM]: *sorry
Phate318 [11:36 PM]: dont be babe
Phate318 [11:36 PM]: i screwed up
Phate318 [11:36 PM]: i wanted to call u and see if u wanted to come over and watch a movie but i didnt
BlkCandyNecklace [11:38 PM]: when?
Phate318 [11:38 PM]: tonite
BlkCandyNecklace [11:45 PM]: well, this is unexpected. i have no idea what to think. but as of now we can't be together.
Phate318 [11:45 PM]: :(
Phate318 [11:45 PM]: im so bummed
BlkCandyNecklace [11:45 PM]: :hug: i'm sorry
Phate318 [11:46 PM]: i wish i could have at least kissed u to show u how i felt towards you, the time that we were close
Phate318 [12:32 AM]: ok im goin to bed
Phate318 [12:32 AM]: good nite
Phate318 signed off at 12:32 AM

i tried to call jorie, but she was busy, noone was online and i couldn't get a hold of vanessa, so i just sat here and tried to figure somthing to think. i just havne't been thinking about it, it's not a big deal, ti jsut weird

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:: 2004 22 August :: 2.06 am
:: Mood: excited
:: Music: bzzzzzz

muchroom bought me a really pretty bracelet. he bought it at the art fair without me noticing and gave it to me at dinner. :) : ) :) it's soo pretty. it's silver and australian crystal. i was soo happy and excited.

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:: 2004 22 August :: 2.06 am

hey mike,
how are you? i'm fine. jorie told me what you said, and i'm glad she did. i'm not mad at you. i'll talk to you later about it. -jen

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:: 2004 22 August :: 2.05 am

ogibendogi33: jorie, is jen mad at me?
battlestarre: ::shrugs::
battlestarre: where did this come from?
ogibendogi33: im not sure, but whenever i try to talk to her she never responds, and then the other night i was texting her and then she was like who is this cause she got a new phone and i said me (mike) and she stopped texting.
ogibendogi33: i dunno, maybe im just paranoid
battlestarre: i dont know...
ogibendogi33: anyways
battlestarre: mike.
battlestarre: can i ask you a question
ogibendogi33: did you get my card?
ogibendogi33: sry
ogibendogi33: yea sure
ogibendogi33: anything
battlestarre: yea i did thanks
battlestarre: you havent talked to her in so long.
ogibendogi33: yea i know and i want to
battlestarre: im just wondering how close you consider yourself to her?
battlestarre: like...i guess how dependent...i dont much do you need her?
ogibendogi33: wait do you not want me to be friends with her or something?
battlestarre: no thats not what im saying just answer the question
ogibendogi33: k

::long, long pause::

ogibendogi33: well i always thought that we were good friends until that one day at justins when she told me that she didn't feel like we had made that "good friend" connection. im not sure i have bad memory. and well i need her to talk to because i can talk to her easily about my feelings and there aren't many who i can talk to like that and i think its good for me to be able to talk like that and she told me that im a good listener but i don't think she needs to talk to me about that stuff much cause she has you
battlestarre: okie.
battlestarre: well...i dont know.
battlestarre: ill let her know that you need to talk to her
battlestarre: but i dont know that shes mad at you.
ogibendogi33: no you don't have to because if she wanted to she would have and i don't want her to be forced
battlestarre: its still her choice....i cant force her to do anything.
ogibendogi33: i understand that
ogibendogi33: it is her choice and if she wants to she can choose to talk to me or not
battlestarre: ill let her know and she can make her own decision.
ogibendogi33: k
ogibendogi33: thats better then
ogibendogi33: thanks alot jorie
battlestarre: i gotta go sleep
battlestarre: g'night
battlestarre: you're welcome
ogibendogi33: k

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:: 2004 22 August :: 2.05 am

ogibendogi33 [12:36 AM]: hey
BlkCandyNecklace [12:38 AM]: hi
ogibendogi33 [12:38 AM]: hey
ogibendogi33 [12:39 AM]: how are you?
ogibendogi33 [12:39 AM]: did you get my postcard?
BlkCandyNecklace [12:40 AM]: yea
BlkCandyNecklace [12:40 AM]: how was your vacation?
ogibendogi33 [12:40 AM]: it was lots of fun
ogibendogi33 [12:40 AM]: and i got you something
BlkCandyNecklace [12:41 AM]: really?
BlkCandyNecklace [12:41 AM]: aww
ogibendogi33 [12:43 AM]: well you got me something from arizona so i thought it would be nice to get you something
BlkCandyNecklace [12:43 AM]: lol i don't even remember what i got you
ogibendogi33 [12:45 AM]: : (
ogibendogi33 [12:45 AM]: you got me a dream catcher and a thing that says smile
ogibendogi33 [12:50 AM]: anyways
ogibendogi33 [12:50 AM]: how have you been?
ogibendogi33 [12:52 AM]: k
ogibendogi33 [12:53 AM]: well call me sometime or something k?
ogibendogi33 [12:53 AM]: im gonna go to bed
ogibendogi33 [12:53 AM]: goodnight
ogibendogi33 [12:53 AM]: :hug:
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:: 2004 6 August :: 1.18 am
:: Mood: amused

just playin games..
i had an amazing bath. and now i'm just hanging but listen to this

BlkCandyNecklace [11:56 PM]: Upchuck2005 [11:53 PM]: its good im coming back saturday, if ur not 2 bizy being employee of the month we should hang out sum time

BlkCandyNecklace [11:56 PM]: BlkCandyNecklace [11:54 PM]: lmao
BlkCandyNecklace [11:54 PM]: did i tell you that?
Upchuck2005 [11:54 PM]: were u really lol
BlkCandyNecklace [11:55 PM]: lol
BlkCandyNecklace [11:56 PM]: Upchuck2005 [11:55 PM]: i was just kidding
BlkCandyNecklace [11:55 PM]: lmao
BlkCandyNecklace [11:55 PM]: i was for july
Upchuck2005 [11:55 PM]: lol
Upchuck2005 [11:56 PM]: ur parents must of been proud, they probably held another one of those quesadilla parties 4 u

battlestarre [11:57 PM]: LOL!
battlestarre [11:57 PM]: lol omg thats hilarious!
battlestarre [11:57 PM]: whats funnier is he took spanish
battlestarre [11:57 PM]: a cheese and tortilla party for jenny!
BlkCandyNecklace [11:58 PM]: lol

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:: 2004 5 August :: 12.38 am
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: imagine

she needs soo much help. i want to be here for her though. this was a big big step for her though. she's telling me the truth. that never happens. i usually get frusted and jsut dont tlak to her
IIxsExiibAbexII [9:42 PM]: hmm
BlkCandyNecklace [9:43 PM]: hnn?
IIxsExiibAbexII [9:44 PM]: just thinking
BlkCandyNecklace [9:44 PM]: about?
IIxsExiibAbexII [9:45 PM]: how i dont feel good
BlkCandyNecklace [9:45 PM]: y?
IIxsExiibAbexII [9:45 PM]: i just have this bad feeling about i dont know waht and my nose keeps bleeding
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:00 PM]: will u talk
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:00 PM]: :-\
BlkCandyNecklace [10:15 PM]: sorry
BlkCandyNecklace [10:15 PM]: my mom got home
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:16 PM]: ok
BlkCandyNecklace [10:18 PM]: what's the bad feeling about?
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:18 PM]: im not to sure
BlkCandyNecklace [10:22 PM]: you ahve any idea?
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:22 PM]: yes that im not doing well and going to have to retun shortly
BlkCandyNecklace [10:28 PM]: return?
BlkCandyNecklace [10:28 PM]: whre
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:28 PM]: to my box
BlkCandyNecklace [10:38 PM]: what is on your mind?
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:38 PM]: i told u dont make me repeat it
BlkCandyNecklace [10:39 PM]: i think you shodul repeate it
BlkCandyNecklace [10:39 PM]: ti's good for you
BlkCandyNecklace [10:40 PM]: ok why are you afriad
BlkCandyNecklace [10:41 PM]: why woudl that happen?
BlkCandyNecklace [10:42 PM]: why
BlkCandyNecklace [10:42 PM]: what isn't going right?
ATTENTION [10:42 PM]: Instant Images session started.
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:42 PM]: me with ppl
BlkCandyNecklace [10:43 PM]: explaine to me
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:44 PM]: i dont mix well with people
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:44 PM]: i often get mad
BlkCandyNecklace [10:44 PM]: why do you get mad?
BlkCandyNecklace [10:44 PM]: what do you do?
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:45 PM]: ppl that remind me of ppl in the past i yell at i get weird i black out im not sure what i do... last week in the mental hosp i stabed a nurse or tried to with a plastic knife they kept me in a striaght jacket in mi box i was so scared n alone i cried so scared
BlkCandyNecklace [10:46 PM]: why don't you talk then
BlkCandyNecklace [10:46 PM]: your not tellng them what you need
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:46 PM]: i dont know what i need
BlkCandyNecklace [10:47 PM]: you need to not feel scared
BlkCandyNecklace [10:47 PM]: you need not to be alone
BlkCandyNecklace [10:47 PM]: you need to feel wanted
BlkCandyNecklace [10:47 PM]: you need to feel better
BlkCandyNecklace [10:47 PM]: you need to plnat you life back together
BlkCandyNecklace [10:47 PM]: you need to get out of there
BlkCandyNecklace [10:47 PM]: you need to heal
BlkCandyNecklace [10:47 PM]: you need love
BlkCandyNecklace [10:48 PM]: you know alot of what you need
BlkCandyNecklace [10:48 PM]: what you don't nkow is how to get it, but that is what all teh nurses and doctors are for
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:50 PM]: what do i do i need help.... from them but ugh i dont know!
BlkCandyNecklace [10:51 PM]: you don't know what?
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:52 PM]: i dont know..
BlkCandyNecklace [10:52 PM]: jsut relax,let things happen. it takes alot of time
BlkCandyNecklace [10:52 PM]: trust me i know
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:53 PM]: i cant relax
BlkCandyNecklace [10:54 PM]: i odn't mean phisically, i mean mentally
BlkCandyNecklace [10:54 PM]: why can't you?
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:54 PM]: its hard for me too
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:55 PM]: i want help but im scared so scared
BlkCandyNecklace [10:55 PM]: i know, i really really really really know
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:55 PM]: i cant sit with a person and have a convo its so hard i want to hurt them sometimes
BlkCandyNecklace [10:55 PM]: you don't know how much i know what you are talking about. it's not the same situation but the feelings are so similar
BlkCandyNecklace [10:55 PM]: you are hurting alot
BlkCandyNecklace [10:56 PM]: and i can't belive how huritng i used to be, i can't even imagine it anymore
BlkCandyNecklace [10:56 PM]: but it can get better, untilll you belive that everything is frozen
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:56 PM]: A LOT... it realli helps to talk to some1 that knows the feelings
BlkCandyNecklace [10:56 PM]: yea i know it does
IIxsExiibAbexII [10:58 PM]: thanks for talking with me i appericate it.. not many ppl talk to me...
BlkCandyNecklace [10:58 PM]: don't thank me for tlaking to you
BlkCandyNecklace [10:58 PM]: you do'nt have many people who understand you
BlkCandyNecklace [10:58 PM]: and you don't trust easily at all
BlkCandyNecklace [10:59 PM]: there are alot of issues in you that don't let you ahve a normal relationship, hell i can't even have a normal relationship yet.
BlkCandyNecklace [10:59 PM]: like i won't let anyone touch me
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:00 PM]: if sum1 touches me i spazz like someone other than a nurse
BlkCandyNecklace [11:00 PM]: yea
BlkCandyNecklace [11:00 PM]: you've been hurt
BlkCandyNecklace [11:00 PM]: it makes sense
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:01 PM]: i get really scared when im alone with men
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:01 PM]: i like start to sweat and get really scared i think im afaird there going to rape me
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:01 PM]: or beat me
BlkCandyNecklace [11:01 PM]: uhuh
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:02 PM]: :-\...ya i havent realli told anybody thiss much
BlkCandyNecklace [11:02 PM]: i'm listening
BlkCandyNecklace [11:02 PM]: you can tlak as much as you want
BlkCandyNecklace [11:02 PM]: i'm happy that you trust me enough to talk
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:04 PM]: sometimes i feel like im in a dream in a way
BlkCandyNecklace [11:04 PM]: yea
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:05 PM]: a lot of times i black out... and it feels like im living in my own personal hell and i created a world inside me head... a lot of times i get mixed up if its realty or not... thats why a lot of times i get confused because what i tell ppl its so whack
BlkCandyNecklace [11:06 PM]: yes
BlkCandyNecklace [11:06 PM]: it makes perfect sense
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:06 PM]: it does?
BlkCandyNecklace [11:06 PM]: yeaup
BlkCandyNecklace [11:07 PM]: it's really hard to explain how it makes sens but it does
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:07 PM]: can u try to or no
BlkCandyNecklace [11:07 PM]: ok
BlkCandyNecklace [11:07 PM]: i'll try
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:07 PM]: thanks
BlkCandyNecklace [11:10 PM]: i think you might feel as if you don't want to be in the world your in, so it's naturla to create your own world, but you are so hurt and such in pain it's too difficult to imagine a good place, so it ends up getting very very mixed up. the fact that your depression is overwhelming is enough to explaine your confussion, add in teh pain, and hurt, the abuse, all yoru feelings, everythign that has happend, your in a hurricane. and you feel as if it's impossible to get out,
BlkCandyNecklace [11:10 PM]: tis' hard to see that the hurricane is just in a bottle of water. and i'ts closed. but it can be opened
BlkCandyNecklace [11:10 PM]: your stuck though right?
BlkCandyNecklace [11:11 PM]: or am i not close?
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:12 PM]: ur pretty darn close i think im not eeven sure i had to re read it
BlkCandyNecklace [11:12 PM]: i know i may get confusing cuz i have to use metaphores
BlkCandyNecklace [11:12 PM]: otehrise i don't really know hoe to explaine myslef
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:13 PM]: i really like talking to u
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:13 PM]: sorry if i feel lke gay cuz im saying it so much i just usually cant hold convos
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:14 PM]: un less i really realate to it
BlkCandyNecklace [11:14 PM]: no it makes me feel wanted
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:14 PM]: good
BlkCandyNecklace [11:15 PM]: i seriously woudl'nt still talk to you if i didn't want to help you
BlkCandyNecklace [11:15 PM]: you know that i met you like a year ago
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:15 PM]: really?
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:15 PM]: that long ago?
BlkCandyNecklace [11:15 PM]: yeaup
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:15 PM]: where u lovelylattina
BlkCandyNecklace [11:15 PM]: i met you right after the first time i was in teh hopital
BlkCandyNecklace [11:15 PM]: yea
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:17 PM]: i had a blackout about that today i remember waking up aand thinking about lovelylatitina weird... when i go 4 mi tests which im going to have to go for cuz i had a black out i will remember what it was about and try to tell u
BlkCandyNecklace [11:17 PM]: ok heh
BlkCandyNecklace [11:17 PM]: i hope you understand how much i really care about you, i feel like i need to help you
BlkCandyNecklace [11:18 PM]: but if you ever want me to go away tell me
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:18 PM]: thats the 1st time i smiled in a while thanks
BlkCandyNecklace [11:18 PM]: : ) that awsome
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:20 PM]: i really wanna still talk... but if big mama (the nurse) catches me she said no more story time so i have to go and thanks again
BlkCandyNecklace [11:20 PM]: your welcome
IIxsExiibAbexII [11:20 PM]: byee
BlkCandyNecklace [11:20 PM]: goodnight
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:: 2004 3 August :: 5.25 pm
:: Mood: okay
:: Music: sifh, drip drip

i'm still playing the damn fish game lol. i beat the leval that took me 4 days, now i kinda have a way to play it. it's ahrd though. but i locve it. i'm gonan beat it!

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:: 2004 2 August :: 12.28 am
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: brrhccii skinkin

i've been playing this dam game that salt gave me for more than 3 days. it's so hard lol. it's keepping me occupied and all i have to think about is the little fishes and the monster who wants to eat the fishies but i need to get money so i can hatch the new helper to get to the next leval lol.


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:: 2004 1 August :: 9.33 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: shick shick hcik eikdik

no subject
things my mother says every week

"you never listen to me/ never do anythign i say/ never do anything for me"

my responce: "whatever"

"i'm gonna drink lots of water and eat vegtables for dinner and if i want meat, i'll boil it because i want to loose weight:

my responce: "ok"

"tell me when to cook because you say i never cook"

my responce: "ok"

"clean your room and help me aroudn the house"

my responce "i'm busy" "i clean my room when i have time"

"jenny what is your schedual this week"

my responce: i don't know, i awlays babvysit on monday and sat, and i work on tues otehrwise it changes

ok that is the extent of the conversation with my mother. now what about my father

he says:
"hi, how was your week"

jen says "fine"

"how are you feeling?"

jen says "fine"

do you have my money


ok bye see your next week"

"bye, have fun"

alright. so yes. now i will continue to fill the in 97.8% rest of my life on here later. heh

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