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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2004 at 8:05pm
Subject: i kinda copied kates idea with the quotes thing..i found it interesting..
some random quotes and short conversations that were said throughout the year (some are very recent)

you bitchole -James Golden
you're such a gay eskimo -James Golden

I just subscribed you to some intelligence
you should confirm it when you get it -Joe Castine

go play in the snow -Brent
no its cold and stuff -me
warm it up -Brent
no -me
pussy -Brent

you are my beasty bunnie sex lover -Raychie

the ugliest penguin would be sexier than the sexiset bunnie -Mitch

run, the goats are gonna get us, hurry! -Neilee

i want to fuck a pig -Bradley
what? -me
i want to fuck a pig-Bradley
what? -me

nice shirt -Tj
fuck you you fucking bastard, go to hell -me
..thats when shes in a good mood -Tj

are you going to prom? -Lisa
porn what? -me
huh? -Lisa
i thought you said porn -me
get your hopes up did ya? -Lisa

whatd ya do to get the answer? -Heather
your mom -me

the teachers in this school are stupid -Mr.Andrus

this is a spoon...not a crack spoon -Mr.Reyburn

i dont care if your getting high in the bathroom -Mr. Andrus

that table is so gay -me the table really homosexual? -Michelle

you can borrow my whip if you'd like -Lisa

shit on my face! -Bradely

can we hide from it (it meaning the tornado) -some stupid girl in 4th hour

ow. this mask paper cut my face -James

hes hot. in a "im gonna bomb the school kinda way" -Michelle

well my grandma says neat a lot and ususally its a bad thing -Lisa

can i rape you? -Jenni R

dont make me bite you -Denee'

oh my god your head fell off -Michelle

oh my satan! -Michelle

he keeps tripping over the trash can and looking at the sky wondering why hes running into shit. hes all like whhhyyyyyy?! -me

i could be like "hey look a chair" and youd be like "yeah a chair in my pants!!" -me

i'll stop being a bitch as soon as you stop walking so gay -me

get off my sister!! -dustin (my brother)

i have boobies! -Bradley

mad sex time -Kelly

we should just start making out during the movie -Kelly

is it ok to call you baby?..what about pumpkin? -Mitch

sleepers cant be talkers -Bradley

japanda! -Mitch

i am the smartest man in the world!! -Phil M

fuck france! -Ben

lets play the color game! -me
im color blind -Ben
i know! thats why its so fun..what color is that? -me -Ben
hahahahaha its orange! -me
what color is that? -me
..i hate you. -Ben
come on...guess! -stacy -Ben
its green..ahahahaha -me
..go to hell Stacy -Ben

do you remember? member? member member member member? do you remember? -me

my moms a commie -Kate

i want to have sex with you in the back of a truck on a dirty matress -Becky

i have a slogan for the lunchroom..."its almost food!" -me

these hallways are like a mosh pit full of dumb people. with a bad taste in music-me

if you wake up dead, i killed you -me

lets have a party with booze and alcohol...wait thats the same thing. -James

im gonna kick you in the throat -Jay

i had to make kool aid..i feel black and poor -Bradley

make me whiny pants -James

you're a skanky rubberband -James

even if you die, I'll come to your grave and hit on you -Mitch

stacy the strings dont move. yes the frets also stay in the same spot. you tard. -Michelle

-i have others in my notebook which i dont have with me right now as well...also the quotes were much better being heard.
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01-18-04 9:05pm

you are my beasty bunnie sex lover -Raychie


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Re:, 01-18-04 9:51pm

hellz yeah! thats ME!

Im so sexy, a goat would have sex with me!!

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Re: Re:, 01-19-04 2:47pm

why are goats always the go to animal for sex? I think Cows should get equal time.

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01-18-04 9:41pm

are you going to prom? -Lisa
porn what? -me
huh? -Lisa
i thought you said porn -me
get your hopes up did ya? -Lisa

when i first read this i thought prom said porn. and had to read it over again to catch the significance.

my hopes were also raised...

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Re:, 01-19-04 6:23am

haha..dirty minds we have.

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01-18-04 9:47pm

I think mr andrus is awesome, and that was cool when I flipped out in social studies class cause I was the smartest man in the world.

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Re:, 01-19-04 6:24am

yeah hes a good teacher, he says some funny stuff...and that was great when you flipped out in social studies, hah. the whole standing on the chair thing..yeah.

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01-18-04 9:49pm

I am so bored. It's not cool. Stacy you are a funny character.

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01-18-04 9:59pm

If I had a penis, Id name him after you, and cuddle with him everynight!

hah Im only kidding :P


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I LOVE YOU TOO! (sexually), 01-19-04 6:25am

*adds that to quotes list*


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01-20-04 6:09pm

all i have to say is you are a bad apple stacy and now none of us can use passes lol

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