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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 1-21-2004 at 9:28pm
I finally got to the site, it has been down forerv, or I can't get to it, either one....

We were in computers today instead of economics, way

Soccer was nice, I caught up with Leah...DEF needed...who would have known she had a boyfriend? ( everyone but me, haha )

I think I need tutoring for spanish and i have thought about it and its all memorization, butI just can't get ahlod of it I am lost and feel stupid considering half the class is freshmen.

Anyways...not much is new, I need to go MADD shopping, but the day will never come when I can have guiltless shopping, *i wish*

No plans for this weekend, but i do long for them, wait i take that back i think im mallin ( haha like ballin) with natalianay! much love sweetie.

Much <3 Love

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01-22-04 5:35pm

dont worrry.. we will have our fun shopping saturday ok?? =D

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