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bunnyblood2 (profile) wrote,
on 1-21-2004 at 11:04pm
Current mood: pissed
Music: The sound of X-Play in the background
Subject: Aargh!
Ok......soooo.......haven't updated in a while. Meh...didn't really think anyone read this anyway.

So yeah....I'm pissed. Tom usually calls me when he goes on break at about 4:30...but no call today. That didn't really bother me too much. But he gets out of work at ten and it's now 11:12 and he's not home yet and hasn't called. At all. What the fuck?! I even made pizza for dinner. Really pisses me off.

You know what else pisses me off? All these special African-American things that are around. At work I found a calendar-notebook thing that was titled "366 days of black history" ( said 366 days.) And it made me think... why the hell do they get a special history for their race?? If there was a calendar about "white history", it would be considered racist. And there's also a channel on Direct TV called "Black Starz" (from the Starz movie channel) like they're saying that black people don't watch movies with white people in them, or vice-versa. Or even that they need their own movie channel. There's also BET, or Black Entertainment Television, like they need their own television channel to celebrate their heritage!! You don't see anything like White Entertainment Television or Chinese Entertainment Television, NnnNOooOo, remember? That's racism!!

God damn stupid people...all they're doing is separating the races again like it was in the 1930's...what was that again? Oh yeah...segregation! It really makes me mad that people think they're doing a good thing, when they're only making it worse!!

Ahem.....sorry about that. It just makes me mad. Like I said. 11:30 and still no Tom. Fuck off. Good night.
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racist?, 03-16-04 1:54pm

ah, you are so right! and if we had white history month, they'd think we started the kkk again! ahhh! haha. (i'm nark, a friend of justins, by the way -that he met on woohu-)

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