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Melindy (profile) wrote,
on 1-23-2004 at 1:23pm
Howdy! So, I did it. I broke up with Nic. It is a big weight off my shoulders. Kind of. ITs really weird, its like...nothing has changed between us. Like at all. He didnt even want to know WHY I broke up with him! It was really weird. He said "No!" but only because he had already bought me something for Valentine's Day. He's crazy!!!!!!! But he's going to give it to me anyway. :p so now the only problem I have with him is what to get him for Valentine's day and how much to Yeah.

I also have to buy Katherine a birthday present. She turns 16 next weekend! I want to get her some pillow mist from Bath & Body Works. I'll do that next time Mia and I go to Jamba Juice...which is something we havent done in a while so we'll probably do that this weekend.

Haha there is this kid next to me who's reading this, he probably thinks I'm such an innocent girly girl because of what he was reading about presents and stuff. :P If only he knew..

Mk yeah. La. So glad school is almost over. 2 more hours!!! Seriously, like in a minute and 2 hours the bell will be ringing. Thank you Lord!!!

K I'm done. Later!
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