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chelsea_louise (profile) wrote,
on 1-25-2004 at 9:15pm
Current mood: *confused*
Subject: something weird
i had the weirdest dream last night about eric and was good but scarey and confusing at the same

well my weekend was stupid i dont really feel like talkin about it...nothin really happened.

OMG! my mama got red of our satilite!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! i got soo mad! WHAT AM I GOIN TO DO WHEN IM BORED AND THERES NOTHIN ONLINE?!?!? good god!

i was reading my pst journal entries and most of them are about barry and jay like way back when when i was 'in love' with that fairy barry! god hes dumb! lol!

well how is everybody...i miss you all soo much! i wish i could see you guys more often. it's all so crazy...

hey i was wondering who were the three people who voted 'everything your perfect' in my poll? just curious...*giggles*

well im going to go. some one talk to me about

later gaterz,
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HEY CHEL!!!, 01-26-04 9:54am

hey chic!!! wats up??? its alright that you wrote about berry boy and blue jay... we all have our little and big crushes. no worries.

i had a weird dream the other day. in my dream i was afraid to stnad in the shower to wash myself, so i sat on the floor and turned the nozzle so that that the water coul spray me. so that i could wash myself there. and when i was dont cleaning myself, i washed all the water up that was on the floor with a towel. when i walked outta the bathroom and my mom was impregnated, sitting on a rocking chair. she said ''this is the best maury show!!!'' but instead of looking at the tv, i turned and looked at the dining room table -which had a big cheese pizza sitting on it, and a platter that had a single piece on it. i think that it was just for show though.- then i turned and looked at the screen but all that i could see on the tv screen was bright pastel colors. then i woke up. who knows what the heck that dream meant.

that would so suck if my mom took away the satalite!!! i would die!!! well, not literally, but you know what i mean since you went through it.

I VOTED THAT YOU WERE PERFECT!!! cuz you are. there isnt anything that i would change about you! you are a rare red head chel, and anyone who would give that up for something that society would consider is better, is fucking crazy!!!

last but not least...


i will see if i can write you a letter and send it out in the next few days. ok. *thumbs up*

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Re: HEY CHEL!!!, 01-27-04 1:54pm

thanks know thats the longest comment i have ever in my life reseived from! thanks pal! i love you and miss you to and if you send me a letter i'll think about sending one back...HAHA! kidding!

i love you and miss you too!


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01-28-04 7:32am

I said that everything your perfect...hehe I thought it fit you best ^.^

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Re:, 01-29-04 1:46pm

aww thanks...:D

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guess who??, 01-29-04 1:47pm

Jay is fucking hot!

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Re: guess who??, 01-29-04 1:48pm

get off my kool-aid mother fucker!


kidding kidding...

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