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spud (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2002 at 9:27pm
Current mood: lethargic
Music: wlav
Subject: screw a subject!

#- ahhh. the conquistadors have returned to me from their travels. they told me of their recent battles with the beef pot pies. something they have conquered before, but the scattered rebels had an uprising. they were promptly squelched, however. they shall be regurgitated in an unpleasant manner at a later date.

the conquistadors (whose origin and homeland are still unknown to me) asked if i wished to join them in their next quest.
greatly amazed, and slightly skeptical, i agreed. i suppose that could have been an irrational decision. not knowing their aspirations and intentions, i joined them anyway. we spent many days trekking up and down countless flights of stairs, losing many valuable calories. i wanted to turn back. when this was brought to their attention, they happily and efficiently reenergized me, and built up my hopes.

i asked them of our destination, and (much against their own will) they told me that we were heading to the land of idaho. considering my ancestry, i was uncertain. i mean, i'm spud. and i'm pretty fly for a french fry. i would hate to be combatting my roots. thankfully we were going up against kettle chips. (besides, i wasn't from idaho, anyway.) more specifically, the infamous kettle chips of BARry's Beach Quazem. more commonly known as BAR-B-Q. i was overjoyed to hear that we would not only be going up against non-relatives, but a rival tribe from before the great migration.

*- see, when the humans migrated right around the time of the ice age, and crossed the bering strait, us potatoes came with. idaho was the most suitable soil. but not all came. some stayed in europe and asia. which is why i am not directly related to the idahoan potatoes.-*

that's where i am now. we plan to attack at nightfall: when they least expect us. aided by the shadows of the night, we shall use stealth/surprise tactics and consume their village quickly and efficiently. they should be well stocked. mom just went to the sto. . . . er, they just went shopping. and it's after their winter harvest. i can't wait. excitement abound, it is difficult to prepare, but i shall. oh! i must go. we are organizing for our pre-invasion party. time to shake a tail feather! -#
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04-07-02 10:21pm

you're funny

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Re:, 04-08-02 9:27pm

oh. thanks! i try. but it's mostly for personal benefit. i can vent and get attention all through writing. what a child.

nice punctuation. i respect that.

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Re: Re:, 04-08-02 9:33pm


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