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andi (profile) wrote,
on 1-31-2004 at 12:00am
Current mood: frustrated
Music: David Matthews band : Crash
Subject: Tonight
I walked home in the rain!!! Geez! It sucked. I was wearing a white shirt of course. Good timeing right? hehe. My mom was home too and she didn't know it was raining, so that's why she didn't pick me up.

My sister got her lisence today. woo. it's scary i think.

Ginny and her friend brandon and I went to the Everglades Hockey game. It was the best one yet even though we lost. boo!! :( but in every quarter there was at least 3 fights. I mean awesome fights. The first one had blood all over the ice. They all were fists fights w/ gloves off and masks. I can't believe the Refs let it go as far as they did.
The game went double over time. it was great. Brandon was an interesting character. he's a sweet kid though....

Now I am frustrated b/c I can't hold of ppl that I need to talk to right now about tomorrow night. grrr dawg..grr. But hey....I guess there's nuttin to get frustrated about right? wait..that gets me more frustrated. LOL yea...i'm not laughing.

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Hey, 01-31-04 1:22pm

Did you go to the Everglades game on Tuesday night? If you did, I was there too, I was working at one of the stands for my skool, it was uber fun lol! Ok ttyl byes

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01-31-04 8:07pm

i like your journal and the colors it s sweet

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Re:, 02-01-04 9:54am

Why thank you.

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