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justamirage (profile) wrote,
on 2-2-2004 at 3:48pm
Current mood: bored
Music: smile empty soul - therapy
Subject: la la la
this weekend was fun. friday claire, danny, ralph, jack, and eric came over. we played ass-slap foosball. heh. that was a good time. we watched donnie darko witch was a pretty good movie, if i had seen all of it. claire and eric were so cute! theyre going out again. aww. satuday i went to claires and we did what we usually do - nothing. yea. were lazy. get over it. its fun being lazy. sunday she came back over here. we drank way too much coffe and played a very hyper game of LIFE. thats right. mike came over. we tried to teach him guitar. fun times. yepp. jack thinks me and claire are crazy cuz we were together since skool got out friday till 9 on sunday. well, we are. mwaaahaaahaaa.
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02-04-04 9:52pm

U 2 should get married. u practically live together. where can u, a bi and claire, get married. hahahaha jk I AM A BOY WHO LIKES GIRLS WHO LIKE GIRLS LIKE THEY ARE BOYS...

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Re:, 02-12-04 3:51pm

lol gotta love you jack

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