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Angel_Bob (profile) wrote,
on 2-2-2004 at 9:23pm
Subject: Wings of Glass
Here's a link to my poem. It's a work in progress and I was bored. That's why it has the cool link.

I wrote it during first hour when my stupid teacher was telling us the kinds of poems we were going to write. I hate it when people tell me how to write a poem line by line.

So I rebelled and wrote this while she was talking.

Inspired by Alex.

Enjoy. I love you.

"i thought it was more like trying to break through a wall with a cliff on the other side...if you don't kill yourself trying, you will if you succeed"
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02-02-04 9:54pm

How could I inspire something so beautiful?

Love you.

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Re:, 02-02-04 10:11pm

How could you not?

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02-02-04 10:06pm

hey its dan i wish i could write like u thats a beautiful poem. i like how u rebel anginst ms. harly i hate her. i just wanted to remind u to always keep your head up. "shit happens and life gose on"~my brothers. just remember i will always love u and im always here for you.

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02-02-04 10:12pm

That's cool, Rachel-chan! And sure you'll last, just like all good things!

I've got poet-block. I have to write two poems for my class about anything and in anyway I want. I wrote one, but it's pretty morbid so I'm thinking of just starting over.

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02-03-04 7:38pm

Your poem is very beautiful.

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