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daydream (profile) wrote,
on 2-3-2004 at 10:36pm
Current mood: upset
Music: here in my room-incubus
doesn't he understand how much he hurts me? he has this power over me, this power i hate. i'm much too vulnerable around him...he knows he could have me, and i thought for sure we were eachothers. so comfortable, like things would all end up okay.

he wants her back. the girl i caused so much heartache, his ex-girl, the girl he left for me. he wants her back. not "officially" the thought has "only crossed his mind". it's a bull shit way of saying i don't want to hurt you again so i'm going to side step around this as best i can. she's a friend of mine, which makes it all the worse. not only had i hurt her, but i ended up hurting myself in the end.

i'll just never be good enough, not for anyone.
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02-06-04 11:12am

don't say you'll never be good enough... you know you are. he's just a stupid ass, you said it yourself. he's a boy and he doesn't know what he wants and its not about you its about his fucking ego. i hate guys like this. just know its not you.... he'll regret all of this in 2 years.

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Re:, 02-07-04 1:42am

i know you're right. and i wanna believe it, and i wanna just move on and pretend that i don't care and whatnot...but too much of me still wants him...what am i doing to myself, ray?

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