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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2004 at 12:47am
Last night was natalia's party. Much fun everyone <3 <3 I have many pictures, all form the pact Christine, Amy and i made of not dancing. We were the couch paparazzi and have hot pics of the dancers...Liz is a hot dancer. Natalia has a hot ass, Sam grabs Liz's ass, and up-close-and-personal with (a drunk ?) Christine. Awwwm.

I had so much fun you guys Rachel and me walking Liz home with rachel looking like a prostitute with Amara's shoes, and Freddy vs Jason with Amara saying how stupid the lady in the beginning is while I was soo scared.

Last night after he party I slept at Amy's. We froze during the night and had 2 breakfasts. I have soccer in about 30 minutes and am gonna go see my clean doggy

Much <3 Love

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02-08-04 3:42pm

hehe thanks for the compliment :) lol, i got that u though i was hot, u guys kept trying to rip mis pantalones off! lol <3 ty for walking me home

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Re:, 02-08-04 7:12pm

you are hot!!!

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