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-glassxroses- (profile) wrote,
on 2-9-2004 at 5:33pm
Subject: baby, it's been a while.
i haven't been here in a while, exostentially or otherwise. My birthday is this friday... i thought i was happy about it. it's hard to be happy when everyone hates you.
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02-09-04 10:53pm

i dont hate you. your still my friend. but the reason others hate you, you might bring on your self.. <3 sarah

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02-10-04 7:19pm

the reason they hate me is not due to myself or even to hatred at all. it is due to apathy. and if they hate me, it happened during a period of time when i could not have possibly done anything to them, as i was with lauren this weekend, not ron nor anyone else.

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02-19-04 10:12pm


...and she always will :)

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