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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 2-12-2004 at 9:27pm
Current mood: crappy
Music: My Chemical Romance-Our Lady Sorrows
Subject: im still kinda sick
today sucked. i went to school and it sucked like always..i didnt do my homework and i was sooo sick last night. i was coughing all damn freakin night...and i couldnt sleep it sucked. then i had work to do at school and all this. i came back home and had to go to the orthodotist and then i went to youth. we ate tacos and it was ok. then i rode back with Glen. He's a koo guy. I'm still kinda sick ...sick is two sick as in i have a cold..and im getting tired of my boring life..its the same every damn week. i go to school all week and nothing happens. then saturdays i get online all day and sundays i go to church and i start all over sucks really badly...nuttin ever friends lives are pretty koo....they go places concerts...get chances to ask gurls out and all that good stuff and mine is just dull and doesnt have any kind of color to just sucks
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dude, do something bout it!, 02-12-04 10:16am

hey you are important in life just remember have to use your balls & go out in life & make your intrance...ask girls out...go out, either by yourself or w/ friends...hey if you're not busy on the 21st & my dad lets me use the car or if joey can take, we should go to a concert if you'd are the one who controls your life, SO DO SOMETHING BOUT IT!!!

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