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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 2-12-2004 at 8:50pm
Current mood: creative
Music: Avenged Sevenfold-Second Heartbeat
well last night my sister got all sick and she wanted to throw up but shes afraid to so we were up trying to make her feel better. i could tell she felt like crap. and they took her to the doctor today and i hope she feels better. today i had sectionals after school and they were ok. then i have detention in the damn morning with mr. johnston and that sux. i also have some work to do but i never end up doing it for some reason. i feel like all creative and im making up all kinds of guitar riffs up and all that good stuff. i'm also "composing" geoff's "love song" towards caity. its kinda cheesy but creative so its koo. i'm feeling a hell of a lot better today. i have a cold but thats ok at least my head doesnt hurt and i can actually swallow now. and today idk what happened but when becky got back from lunch and i said something to her as a joke and then she told me all i do is bitch about how i dont get a girlfriend and nobody loves me on my journal. that kinda made me feel bad cuz she like technically told everybody who was around. so idk....i think she was joking but it still made me fell bad. then i got home and all the doors were looked so i had to like jump in from the damn window lol. then me and my cuzin played some guitar and tried to compose geoff's "love song". me and my cuzin just played guitar and ate all day basically. and tommorow is friday so hopefully it will go smoothly and i will be able to jam with geoff, javy, and jesse on saturday.
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lo siento :(, 02-13-04 7:29am

hey dude, i didn't mean to make you feel bad, & to be honest, i felt bad after i said it...i'll make it up to you i promise! later...

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