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twiztidclown (profile) wrote,
on 2-13-2004 at 8:09am
hey wahts up yall. well its Friday the 13th my parents and Katie are on their way now as we speak. i cant wait its going to be great to see kt , and my parents . i hope my dad can help me fix my car other wise im going to be fucked for saterday night when kt and i go out on our date that shit will suck loads of ass.
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02-16-04 1:09am

Hey bro, talk to me on AOL sometime OrangeCounty19

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Re:, 02-16-04 9:34am

i cant , i work all the damn time :( and they have all the messegners blocked here at the school , so unless you nkow how to hack threw some shit it isnt happening. just email me bro,
as soon as the apt club house gets there comps fixed i can but im not sure how long thats going to take bc someone took the hard drives and a bunch of internals out and i dont think they will be putting any new ones anytime soon. so sorry man the only way to really contact me is me phone , or email. lata man

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