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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2002 at 9:14pm
That was an accident! Whoops. Oh well, you don't mind, do you. Whoa, there are 43 guests on right now. Okay, heres a poem about golf on monday, when i was pissed off and cold and wet and hungry, and i could just keep it is, its kinda funny, but it prob. had to be a "moment" thing...

Cool rain pouring a top my head,
the soaked jersey dyed my khakis red,
Shoes, socks, and shirt is wet,
haven't made a hole in one yet,
Legs are worn, extremely soar,
My first match score,
was pretty poor...

The edge of the pond is where my ball lands,
right in the water, not where i've planned.
Strokes really suck,
and my shoes are full of muck,
and not dry.

the end, hahaha :)
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danibean did you know!?, 04-10-02 9:23pm

haha.. how did you know i felt the same way that whole match!!!!! today and tomorrow will be much better!

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Re: did you know!?, 04-10-02 9:25pm

i sure hope so! it better be!!! They are much better then us, but they can just kiss my bum because i don't care, we'll do good!!! ;)

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