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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 2-14-2004 at 2:41pm
Current mood: calm
Music: The Ataris-Give Up On Love
well today was a sucky day. i slept until like 11 then jesse came to my house. then we just lunched and ate some and got online basically all morning. then my mom came home and we calmed down. then javy called me up to go his house with geoff and justin. we just played some guitar then played gamecube. then we attemped to ride the damn quads but it didnt work out. then i walked home and my whole family except my brother went to this wedding thing. so did jesse's family. nuttin exciting went down today and i dont think nuttin will. everybody's name was " i hate valentine's day" i kinda got the point....ppl talking bout they dont have a valentine....i dont have a valentine ..oh well w/e
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02-15-04 2:48am

chavez, no matter what you're my freshman valentine...i forgot to go by to give you your chingy so i'll give it to you laters...sorry...*kiss* later...

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