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fraggle (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2004 at 3:59pm
what the fuck is up all your guys' asses?
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02-16-04 4:58pm

nothins up my ass i can assure you that

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Re:, 02-16-04 5:09pm

Yeah, I know nothing is up your ass, it's the others I worry about.

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02-16-04 5:19pm

why dont you list names. "guys'" is to vauge.

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02-16-04 7:07pm

Im sorry, i was only kidding, guess you or james didnt catch the sarcasim.. oh wait.. maybe i forgot to add some.

Well anyways i was mainly joking. But hearing that the kid is a cheerleader and talks alot of shit about jay doesnt make me to happy either.

heh ill just shut up now.


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Re:, 02-16-04 7:31pm

Well, he doesn't talk shit he said one thing.. And it when it's true, it's not shit.

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Re: Re:, 02-17-04 3:28pm

hahaha, so your saying he is more of a man then I? what a joke.

heh, prides fuck'in with me. theres so much i want to say to you, but i cant.

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Re: Re:, 02-17-04 4:23pm

he's a cheerleader

I dont see anything manly about that.

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05-04-04 1:24pm

Your $2.00USD has been received. Thank you.

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