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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2004 at 10:12pm
Current mood: curious
Music: Make a Man Out of You
Well today was all right. Louie, the older dog, went home with his owner today. My motehr and I were somewhat relieved to see him go. He was begining to be a pain in the butt. See, when he's here he makes our puppy go nuts and be all grumpy. When he left it was a bitter-sweet moment... because this is really the last time I will ever see him, and he really is a sweet little doggie.

It was weird today because when I was taking a nap, I was struggling to move in my dream. The weirdest part was I could really feel my body trying to move. It felt like I was in a coma or something. It was really eerie.

Today all-in-all was pretty dull... I dread the fact that I need to go to school tommorrow... I hate the thought of all the homework I will be getting because I was sick from Tuesday-Thursday.

I wrote an e-mail to Kittie Katie today. I hope she reads it. I have really missed her since we last talked. I feel somewhat like I am lost in a storm without her.

Do you ever wonder where you and your friends will be in twenty years? Here's my list of guesses:

1. Kris~ She will probably be a mom of two married to a cute English guy. She will be a Drama teacher but in her spare time write vampire novels.

2.Katie~ She will be married to some sweet guy and maybe have a kid. She will be a German teacher and a missionary on her breaks.

3. Ginny~ She'll be in a close relationship with some guy/girl but not ready to commit her life to them. She will work on computers in some way... Maybe an inventor of some amazing website "I-I0\/\/ 70 R34I) 1337" is it's name

4. Reanna~ She'll be married to some handsome man and have one daughter. She will be a basketball coach for MSU or U of M. She will write romance novel in her spare time.

5. Lizzie~ She will be married and have a child or so. She will start out as a pharmacist and eventually become a pediatrician.

6. Lizziegh~ She will get married young and soon after have a few children. She will be a stay at home mom, and write children's books in her spare time.

7. Airyn~ She will have met someone who truly makes her feel loved and special. She will have settled down with them in a cozy home near the ocean. She will go to France often and become a freelance artist until she gets recognized for her fashion designs.

8. Keleigh~ She will have met the person who makes her a whole. She may settle down but not for long! She will be on the road often and will make many trips to Ireland. She will do many different careers from a comedian, poet, to a wonderful Shakespeare teacher.. She has so many paths that she can take.

9. Justus~ He will be a professional hockey player for a while until he retires and becomes a coach for the NHL. He will settle down with a sweet little girl and have a few kids. His family will be very close and he will be a Grandpa of 11.

10. Joe~ He will be a mechanic and take in his father's footsteps. He will enjoy this but feel as though something is missing. He will go back to Kendall after having some money under his name and will become an animator. He will get married (maybe even to me...) and will have two kids. He will stay married his whole life and will raise his kids with manners.

11. Jessie~ Who knows *laughs*
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02-16-04 10:31pm

Aw, that's really cute!

I hate hard-to-move dreams. They're almost as bad as the ones you can't talk in.

Don't worry about school.

Love ya.

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02-22-04 12:19pm

Happy birthday!

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