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User:miwako-chan (user# 2947)
Location: Brave Little Toaster-ville, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:minkthedragon [add buddy]
Friends:(6) Angel_Bob, Jaganshi, KTHPKC, kurzhaar, miwako-chan, Shinigami
Friend Of:(7) homsar, Jaganshi, KTHPKC, kurzHaar, mist-chan, miwako-chan, Shinigami
Interests:(61) 80's, AIM, anime, art, astronomy, bunnys, cherries, chinchillas, comedies, Crayon Shinchan, dancing, daydreaming, DDR, Dinsey, Dragon Half, drama, drawing, Edgar Allen Poe, family, fashion, Forever 21, friends, Gackt, Gadzooks, German, Gremlins, Hello Kitty, hippies, Hot Topics, hugs, Italians, Japan, Jessica Simpson, Joe, jogging, lhasa apsos, liberalism, love, Malice Mizer, manga, Marilyn Monroe, origami, painting, Paradise Kiss, pink, playboy bunny symbol (not the magazine but like the bunny), poetry, polka dots, Rainbow Brite, Religion, Romeo and Juliet, roses, Sailor Moon, Shakespeare, shopping, singing, strawberries, talking on the phone, tofu, vegetarian, writing
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